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I’m Weirdly Obsessed With Ciarran From ‘The Bachelorette’ & I’m Not Alone

The blokes on this year’s The Bachelorette are some of the most interesting contestants we’ve seen in years, but there’s one character who has everyone talking.

Many viewers have come to a startling realisation: We all actually love Ciarran.

Viewers are particular shook because Ciarran had all the makings of a classic Bachy villain. He often featured in the promos saying how good looking he was and just acting like a total douche.

We all know this series follows a formula, and most of us had Ciarran pegged as that annoying dude who is more obsessed with gaining a public profile than the actual Bachelorette.

But ugh… Ciarran seems delightful.

Rather than stirring up drama with the gents or treating Angie like a prize to be won, Ciarran can most often be found with a cup and saucer in hand, downing some Earl Grey. He is just effortlessly charming.

With every new glimpse of Ciarran, we discover more and more layers to this delicious chocolate cake which I very much wish to taste.

Last week he very accurately described Jess as a “weasel”, shortly before that awful man was given his marching orders by Angie. Then on Wednesday night’s episode he revealed a few interesting admissions to Angie.

“I used to dance in a gay bar with like drag queens. It was carnage but it was so much fun,” Ciarran said, before Angie asked him for more secrets from his past. He then divulged about some previous surgery he had. “I got a nose job because I was proper self-conscious about it,” he told her.

This was just so refreshing to hear.

Any other time we’ve seen confident men on the show, they’ve more often than not been portrayed to be egotistical, up themselves, or fall victim to the “male model” stereotype. Most guys on the show that have demonstrated any pride in their appearance are often mocked. We are thrilled that Ciarran is owning his good looks and his confidence might be his sexiest quality.

I’ve never felt so thirsty for someone on reality TV.

Ciarran being painted as a villain only to turn out to be one of the more loveable characters seen on the series hopefully signals a change for the franchise. The reality show might FINALLY start offering up personalities that are multi-faceted, making the episodes less predictable.

Either way, we are truly here for Ciarran and if he doesn’t win Angie’s heart he simply must return to our TV screens on Bachelor In Paradise.