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Elly Has Posted A Video To Address All Those ‘Bachelorette’ Breakup Rumours

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Despite The Bachelorette giving viewers a happy ending with Elly Miles and Frazer Neate’s love story, rumours of a breakup have plagued the couple in recent weeks.

It doesn’t help matters that neither of them have posted many recent loved-up photos of each other on their social media, which for eagle-eyed fans is often a massive red flag when it comes to reality TV relationships. But now, Elly has put those rumours to bed, posting a two-part video with sister Becky to answer some of their most asked questions.

Top of the list, obviously, was the question asking if her and Frazer were still going strong, to which she replied, “Frazer and I are going good, we’re still together,” she began. “I am going to move to Queensland in January — that’s the plan.” Elly admitted that both her and Frazer have been feeling a lot of pressure from Bachelorette fans and the media, “It’s honestly really hard. I haven’t had a boyfriend in such a long time, and now I’ve got a boyfriend and someone that I really want to be with, and I’ve just got so many people invested in it, and following us along, and wanting to be involved,” she said.

“It’s overwhelming, and we’re still so fresh, and so new, and still getting to know each another, and so excited to do that — and live in the same city. But it’s heaps. It feels quite intrusive to be honest.”

Elly went on to say she assumed posting an Instagram video of her and Frazer would have satisfied fans. “It’s funny, it only came out last week where I did a cute little reel of us together, to be like ‘yeah no, we are together!’ and then I get people [messaging] the next day being like ‘are you guys still together?’ Really? It’s like, we are! Like, you’ve got to remember we’re doing long distance as well.”


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While Becky answered a question over whether or not she felt pressured to choose someone in The Bachelorette finale, and  if that was why her relationship with Pete Mann was so short-lived. “The thing is that I really liked Pete, but I don’t know if he was The One, but I wanted to try to see if he could be gonna be The One. I wanted to pick someone. I was going with my feelings,” she said.

Becky also responded to a video Adrian Baena posted to his Instagram, revealing that he and Becky spent time together after she split with Pete, to see if they could make a relationship work. “Adrian’s a great bloke, and he’s been such a support to me,” Becky said. “Adrian and I reconnected and we had that conversation. We spent a couple of days together, we went into it being like we would be open to seeing if the feelings were there. But then once we got together, it was just a bit sad. I had disconnected from him because I put all my feelings in Pete’s basket and Adrian was hurt as well. I think he felt a bit second-best. I totally understand where he’s coming from.”

Watch both of the Q&As below:


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