the bachelorette promo

The First Promo For ‘The Bachelorette’ Is Here & The Boys Are Confused

It feels like only yesterday we were finding out that our 2020 Bachelorette (well, Bachelorettes) would be 2019 The Bachelor fave Elly and her sister Becky, and now we have a promo showing us what to expect from the first episode.

Most of the teaser is just various men arriving on the red carpet and being confused over why there are two women greeting them. Do they date both? Is this some kind of sister wives situation? Thankfully, Elly and Becky assure one man that they are looking for separate people to date. Phew!

What those dates will look like is still a mystery, as this is Australia’s first Bachy season with two people sharing the title. The season hasn’t announced its premiere date yet but we can safely assume it will air shortly after The Bachelor finale later this month.

Watch the first promo for The Bachelorette below:

The Bachelorette is “coming soon” to Channel 10.