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LOL: The Funniest Tweets From Bachy’s ‘Hometown Visits’

They say home is where the heart is but tonight’s hometown edition of The Bachelorette has viewers’ hearts broken all over again as we are forced to accept Ciarran is gone and THIS is our top four. It still hurts.

The only saving grace right now is Timm: sweet, simple and strange Timm. There is a genuine connection growing between Angie and Timm, despite his bestie Jackson stitching him up tonight. Seriously, if Timm does not win, then Ciarran’s sacrifice was for nothing. NOTHING!

Anyways, back to the shitshow. While we were promised drama with Ryan tonight, it was all resolved far too quickly. The tense moments were saved for Carlin, as his brother told Angie he may have initially joined the show to further his acting career. Yikes.

Jackson was also there. His family makes pies.

Let’s get into the funny tweets, shall we!

Tonight’s The Bachelorette ‘Hometown Visits’ retold in hilarious tweets:

Starting with Timm, we met his fam and friends before his bestie Jackson tried his best to warn Angie that Timm wasn’t ready to settle down.

Next up, Ryan tried to talk his way out of the lie he was caught in during last night’s episode. We ain’t buying it.

Jackson’s family were very passionate about the family business and his dad grilled Angie over their future together.

Over with Carlin’s clan, his brother put his foot right in it telling Angie that Carlin initially joined the show to further his acting career.

This led to a face-off between Angie and Carlin. Tears were shed but ultimately it was Jackson who was sent home at the rose ceremony.

We can only hope for the best at this point…