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LOL: Tonight’s Ooky Spooky Edition Of ‘The Bachelorette’ Retold In Funny Tweets

Boo!!! Did I spook you? Hopefully, you’ve recovered from that scandalous skeleton that climbed out of Becky’s closet tonight, with her revealing she cheated on a boyfriend in her early twenties.

Unheard of! Truly wild stuff! I wonder if she also vomited in a taxi or lied to her parents. This episode saw a Halloween-themed group date, with the fellas arriving dressed like what a 6-year-old boy would wear trick or treating with his mummy and daddy. The Bachy mansion’s daddy Osher Gunsberg continues to haunt the mansion, by literally ghosting the entire episode until the final minutes when he appears out of nowhere.


The highlight of tonight’s episode was Adam finally getting some time to shine, being whisked away on a zoo date with Elly before proceeding to make the whole county fall in love with him. I would die for Adam and if Elly hurts him, I will haunt her in dreams forever. She will never ‘crikey!’ again.

Let’s go through the whole mess via the episode’s best tweets!

Tonight’s The Bachelorette retold in funny tweets:

It’s a Halloween-themed group date and the mansion is decorated in all things dark and spooky. They get the party started with Damien giving an awkward strip show, but Shannon shows him how it’s done.

The boys get to submit questions to the group. A question over who has cheated on their partners in the past comes up and Becky raises her hand before explaining what happened.

Elly is asked if she has previously hooked up with Joe and “how many times.” She kind of answers the question by clarifying that they had spent a weekend together.

Elly picks Adam for a date to Sydney Zoo and somehow ends up painting his abs. They share some steamy kisses and this is an Adam fan account now.

Sam is invited over to the Bach pad by Becky to show her how to make pasta. In return, he quizzes her about her history of cheating. Fun!

At the cocktail party, the boys are still reeling from hearing Elly and Joe spent a WHOLE weekend together. For some reason, this paired with Adam returning with a rose leads to James losing his shit.

At the rose ceremony, despite James freaking out that his time was up, Aggi was left roseless.