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LMAO: The Funniest Tweets From Tonight’s ‘Bachelorette’

We’re back for another thrilling night of The Bachelorette action, as tonight Elly and Becky went on a double date with their chosen winners Frazer and Pete.

One could argue that we could easily call it a day and crown the two boys already, but let’s not deprive ourselves of watching James implode every chance he gets, or hearing Adam talk about his favourite rocks. Tonight’s group date proved to us all that cheating should be encouraged and even rewarded, with Adrian as the obstacle course’s referee blatantly penalising only Team Elly and scoring extra time with Becky. Tbh, we love to see it!

As we surpass the halfway point on the shortest Bachelorette season in history, the tweets have never been so good.

Tonight’s The Bachelorette retold in hilarious tweets:

It’s double date time! The sisters choose Frazer and Pete to drive tiny speed boats to a fancy yacht.

Pete shares some personal information with Becky about his brother, while Frazer finally opens up about his feelings for Elly.

The group date sees everyone decked out in their best bridal gear, before team Becky and Elly were pitted against each other in an obstacle course. Adrian proved to be the most biased referee of all time.

After cheating his way to the top, Adrian gets chosen by Becky as the winner. In their solo time together, Adrian explains why he was so weird about talking about the future last time. I ain’t buying it.

It’s cocktail party time! Joe take Elly away to recreate the meal they had on their first date and it’s genuinely wholesome.

Once again, James is losing his shit for no good reason. He ends up reading a letter to Elly and gifts her a necklace.

At the rose ceremony, Damien was left roseless. I’m sorry, who?