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LMAO: The Funniest Tweets From Tonight’s ‘Bachelorette’

We’re back for my favourite episode of The Bachelorette: when the fellas get a taste of parenthood by playing daddies for the day.

I should note that by contrast, when the women have to do be mothers on The Bachelor, I hate it with every fibre of my being. It feels sexist, outdated and gross. Thankfully, Locky didn’t make the girls take care of any fake or real offspring during his season, as he was too busy making them pretend to enjoy hiking. But men having to take care of screaming babies and cleaning the house is truly wholesome content and I can’t get enough of it. There’s always the fellas who excel, while others leave their pretend infant sitting in a wading pool or try mopping for the first time in their adult lives.

Tonight’s challenges was really just setting up tomorrow’s hometowns, as Elly and Becky decided which three guys will go to the next phase. And we can be forever grateful that James was not one of them. I’m also thankful for tonight’s very funny tweets that turned out to be far more entertaining than the episode.

The funniest tweets from tonight’s The Bachelorette:

The boys are tasked with taking care of some fake babies under the ruse that Elly and Becky are out getting their nails done, but of course the sisters were actually watching them from another room.

Elly and Becky then picked Joey and Shannon as their daddies of the day.

In a spontaneous date, Becky rocks up to take Adrian on a day out to the beach. He opens up about plans for the future and she eats it up.

The cocktail party is one with a twist, with everyone sitting down over dinner and submitting anonymous questions to the group. It’s mostly fun questions, but James cracks it over comments over who Elly’s type is, as well as her history with Joe.

James storms off and after his angry antics at dinner, James is left roseless, along with Sam.