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Tonight’s ‘Bachelorette’ Hometowns Retold In Hilarious Tweets

The first of two dreaded hometowns episodes of The Bachelorette is officially here, with double the fun aka double the messy family drama.

Both Elly and Becky are meeting their final three fellas’ families across tonight and Wednesday night’s episodes. Hometowns can always go one of two ways: They can be high on drama — with overprotective dads/brothers causing a scene or inappropriate mums going as far as asking for sperm donations — or they can be boring as hell, if nothing interesting happens.

Thankfully, tonight was all about the drama, as we got a sassy brother grilling Elly, and also watched as Becky went off script and sent Shannon home. As in, she sent him back to his home, while in his home. I’m still a bit confused, but I think it was a power move!

Let’s try to dissect the whole mess through the episode’s funniest tweets, shall we?

Tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette retold in hilarious tweets:

It’s hometowns! We got this far! Joe is up first, meeting Elly for a cute dog date before his family rock up.

Joe introduces his mum, dad, and siblings, and over lunch his brother Jacob grills Elly over why Joe hasn’t been on a single date.

Time for Becky’s turn and Pete joins her for a bike ride and a picnic, before meeting his friends over Zoom. They question her over whether she would leave Newcastle to be with Pete.

Shannon is up next and introduces Becky to his two brothers, Clayton and Dwayne. After learning that Shannon has developed “strong feelings” for her, Becky decides to break up with him as she doesn’t feel the same.

Shannon’s brothers are super supportive and he takes it like a champ. It is EMOTIONAL.