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Uh-Oh, Is Everyone’s Early ‘Bachelorette’ Fave Charlie Actually Jarrod 2.0?

While pegged as Ali’s fave on The Bachelorette, we have a bad feeling Charlie is showing early warning signs that he’s going to become a bit too obsessed with our Bachy.

From that weird AF speech he gave to the boys following his date, to being overbearing at the cocktail party, it’s made us wonder: is Charlie set to become this season’s Jarrod?

Let’s look at the evidence!

Both men were taken on our Bachy’s first date, which for some reason required each couple to almost plunge to their deaths.

Here is a terrified Ali as Charlie holds her torso and stares at her face.

Tbh this makes no sense and is a complete nonsense date. Were they about to break into a game of Twister? IN. THE. DAMN. SKY?!

Here’s another high-risk date concept we’ve seen before…

Like tonight’s ep, Jarrod comforted Sophie as she abandoned the challenge to scale a high wire.

Each date involved heights and each fella grew closer to the Bachy by helping her overcome her fear. Because nothing inspires romance than almost pissing yourself in fright.

It worked tho! Both scored a kiss! Woohoo!

Even Jarrod and Sophie’s kiss makes Charlie’s look bad.

Following the date, both Charlie and Jarrod had the exact same response.

They delivered a bizarre speech to the rest of the men about our Bachy.

You’d think she could speak for herself, but alas here Charlie tells the men all about Ali and what she wants in a man. Hint: it’s him.

The other dudes didn’t know what the guy was on about and the whole thing was unnecessary.

Last year we got the exact same thing from Jarrod, as he arrived home from his date and decided he had to teach all the men a lesson about Sophie.

Again, the guys really just wanted him to STFU.

Then cut to the cocktail party, and despite the fact that Charlie had a rose, he still wanted to pull Ali aside. Again, Jarrod was unstoppable in his quest to speak to Sophie every damn cocktail party and watched her like a hawk.

While none of these things are any real indication of Charlie’s character, they are red flags in terms of how quickly Charlie has fallen for Ali, which is also what made watching Jarrod on Sophie’s season so painful.

Viewers are getting familiar vibes from Charlie too:

We truly hope that are findings are wrong and that we’re not in for Jarrod 2.0. Although it would low-key be amazing viewing.