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Jess Might Be The Most Offensive Contestant In ‘Bachy’ History & Viewers Are Filthy

Tonight on The Bachelorette we saw possibly the most offensive behaviour ever exhibited by a Bachy contestant, and of course it was Jess.

Last night, Jess immediately rubbed Angie the wrong way when he offered her a key to her apartment upon meeting her. Then he told the boys if he got the yellow rose he might give it back. He was clearly acting like a big idiot.

But tonight things got even more cooked. In a photo shoot, Jess was dressed as the back end of the horse and when the photographer instructed Angie to climb on his back, Jess started making revolting comments. “Don’t mind me if I get some wandering fingers, alright?” he actually said to Angie.

I think I just vomited in my mouth.

Angie tried to brush it off but he didn’t stop. “Pat the horses bum!” he shouted at her as she sat on him, and later he made sexual faces towards Angie’s leg. It was simply violating and disgusting to watch.

Later in the episode, we found out that most of the boys had said that Jess was making them uncomfortable. Carlin told Angie that had been making similiar sexual comments to makeup artists and crew members, and on the show we also saw him make comments towards a waitress and even a producer.

It’s safe to say, viewers are absolutely disgusted by Jess’ actions: