Holly Langford And Amelia Millie Rubio From The Bachelorette Announce Break Up

The Only Good ‘Bachelorette’ Couple Have Split Up AKA Love Is A Lie

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In heartbreaking news, Holly Langford and Amelia ‘Millie’ Rubio have officially gone their separate ways. Love does NOT exist.

The Bachelorette contestants-turned-lovers-turned-exes (I CAN’T) have shared a joint statement on their Instagram Stories to confirm the breakup.

“Hey everyone, Millie and I wanted to let you all know before it came public discussion that we aren’t together anymore,” their Instagram Stories read. “There are private reasons why, which we won’t be going into detail on, and we appreciate the respect of our boundaries with this.”

Holly Lanford and Amelia Rubio From The Bachelorette Call It Quits

This pair were literally one of the only pieces of evidence that proved The Bachelorette did work for those who are looking for love.

In case you weren’t aware, Millie and Holly first met on Brooke Blurton’s season of The Bachelorette. Both of them were vying for the heart of Brooke but unfortunately both of them were eliminated with Millie making it to the top six, and Holly all the way to the top three.

But in a heartwarming twist, while neither won Brooke’s heart, they won each other’s. Millie and Holly made their relationship Instagram official the day after Holly’s elimination back in 2o21.

“When they said intruders were coming into the house I didn’t think it would end like this #Whoopsies,” Holly wrote under a picture of her and Millie holding each other.


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Their relationship was so beautiful and their Instagram pics always had us wishing we had that special someone.

I mean, look at this!!! Look at the way they’re holding each other!


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So far, at the time of writing this article, Holly and Millie still have photos of each other up on their respective IGs and we really hope they keep them up because their relationship was so genuine. It was also really nice to see a queer relationship come out of Aussie reality TV.

We love a competitors to lovers story arc and these two made that rom-com trope a reality.

We wish the pair nothing but the best during this difficult time, and we hope that they’ll stay friends because they really are a dynamic duo.