Elly & Becky Just Booted A Dude From The Bachy Mansion After He Dragged Their Looks

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We finally got some decent drama on The Bachelorette, with sisters Elly and Becky sending a contestant packing after finding out he has been dragging their looks to the rest of the boys. Hell no! Not in this house!

It all came out after the sisters recruited their cousin Mitch and Becky’s bestie Damo to drive the boys over to their group date and eavesdrop on their banter. It was clear that Pascal was the one to watch as he dropped a few nasty comments. “They’re kissing everyone! They’re throwing out kisses left, right and centre,” he said in the car, adding, “How many bad boys do you gotta kiss, before the good boys walk away?”

In another car, Adrian said that Pascal was untrustworthy and the boys joked that Pascal only just asked what the Bachy sisters’ names were.

Mitch and Damo later told Elly and Becky what was said about them by Pascal and then at the cocktail party, Becky grabbed Aggi for a chat to find out exactly what Pascal has been saying in the mansion. “Pascal has said a few comments that have just been disrespectful, insulting, and very shallow. It infuriated me, it’s disgusting,” Aggi began, before dropping that Pascal said to some of the boys: “could they find hotter chicks.”

Becky was left fuming and relayed what she heard back to Elly and they pulled Pascal aside to tell him to take a hike. He took it about as well as a guy being kicked out of a seedy nightclub at 3am, acting like it was his idea to leave in the first place because the cover band sucks.

Male egos are so fragile.

The Bachelorette viewers were here for Elly and Becky standing up for themselves and giving Pascal the boot:

Good riddance.