the bachelorette

There Is So Much Drama In The Latest ‘The Bachelorette’ Promo That I Am Screaming

We are two days away from The Bachelorette kicking off and a massive promo has just dropped showing a preview of what to expect from the season. Holy moly. The drama looks delicious.

Here’s a few things we learnt:

  • Yvie is going to play a part
  • One of the contestants, Ciarran, gets his kit off for a nude portrait class
  • There is plenty of drama between the boys and someone gets… pushed (gasps!)
  • Angie regrets sending someone home
  • Everyone cries, a lot

But more than anything, we learnt that Angie is going to be one hell of a Bachelorette. I actually can’t wait. The drama begins 7:30pm Wednesday on Channel 10.

Check out the full The Bachelorette preview below: