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‘The Bachelorette’ Semi-Final Recapped In Funny Tweets

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The end is nigh, my friends. OK, that sounded much more depressing than I intended, but for reals this season’s The Bachelorette conclusion is a mere episode away.

Brooke will be choosing her forever love between frontrunner Darvid and Honey Badger season returnee Jamie-Lee, after Holly removed herself from the narrative on tonight’s emotional semi-final. Many assumed that it would be Darvid and Holly facing off in the finale, but on tonight’s episode Holly and Brooke couldn’t move past their differences. Holly wasn’t willing to move to Brooke’s hometown of Western Australia, and she also wasn’t open to having a large family in the future, so the women decided to say goodbye at the end of their final date, avoiding the rose ceremony.

But I’m getting ahead of myself! Before the Brooke/Holly shitshow, we saw last dates which were planned by Darvid and Jamie-Lee, which both featured a lot of outdoorsy and action-packed vibes. Darvid took Brooke kayaking and then quad-biking, while Jamie-Lee attempted “glamping” that seemed an awful lot like camping.

How about a casual cruise down to your local Kmart before you both enthusiastically browse through the homewares section?? Now THAT is an act of true love. Just a thoughtful suggestion!

Tonight’s The Bachelorette semi-final recapped in some bloody funny tweets:

This week it’s up to the final three to plan dates for Brooke, and Darvid is up first. He rocks up on a kayak to pick up Brooke and they cruise down the river before jumping on some quad bikes. Vroom vroom! (Idk??)

That night, they soak in a big barrel and what did we all say about baths on this show?! Brooke and Darvid clash over where they would live if they end up together beyond The Bachelorette.

It’s Jamie-Lee’s turn! They go glamping together and have to set up a tent, which doesn’t feel very glam tbh! Jamie-Lee and Brooke then share their non-negotiables in a relationship.

Jamie-Lee tells Brooke that she has fallen in love with her.

It’s Holly’s time to shine, and she brings Brooke to a dance studio. They watch a ballet performance before Brooke addresses why she got so upset at hometowns about Holly not wanting kids. Holly clarifies that she would consider having one kid, but it’s not a huge priority for her.

Things get even more tense when the subject of moving to Brooke’s home state of WA comes up, which Holly isn’t willing to consider. Holly then drops a bombshell: she doesn’t see their relationship lasting beyond a few years.

Brooke is rattled and storms off. Holly cries on her shoulder and they ultimately decide to end their relationship.