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Timm’s Fans Are Flooding Carlin’s Instagram W/ Sunflower Emojis & We Love To See It

The nation imploded last night after Angie Kent chose Carlin Sterritt on The Bachelorette finale, leaving fan favourite Timm Hanley absolutely shattered.

I, for one, are feeling a bit low this morning but thankfully we have a good news story to cheer us all up. Timm stans are flooding Carlin’s Instagram with sunflower emojis. As we all know, sunflowers are Timm (and Angie’s) favourite flower and he gifted our Bachy one when they first met.

It all kickstarted when Carlin posted the following image as Angie’s (wrong) decision was revealed:

While many of the comments were well wishes for the new couple, there was a consistent thread of sunflower emojis popping up in the comments, in solidarity with Timm.

It’s hilarious that on Carlin’s Instagram, you can’t read his comments without seeing sunflowers and we love to see it.



The last time something like this happened was when Richie Strahan chose Alex Nation over Nikki Gogan and people rushed to Richie’s Instagram to call him out in the comments. But let me tell you, they were NOT posting sunflowers.

We can all get around this extremely wholesome way to show our love for Bachy’s sweetest angel Timm.