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Luke & Josh Have Responded To Those Scandalous ‘The Block’ Cheating Allegations

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Did somebody say drama?! On last night’s The Block, the competition was rocked by cheating allegations levelled at Love Island twins, Josh and Luke.

The accusation came as the twins won their first room — a master bedroom and walk-in robe — on last night’s episode. Following their win, The Block returning all-star couple, Ronnie and Georgia, were less than impressed. “Josh and Luke won. I guess it helps to cheat!” Ronnie claimed. “It’s amazing that they know the full schedule of what rooms are coming up and what challenges are coming up,” he said, before Georgia interjected saying, “Don’t go there.”

Along with this rather confusing claim from Ronnie, viewers were also left furious last night when Luke’s fiancé, Olivia, was seen helping the boys with the challenge on the work site — despite, you know, not being a contestant on The Block. “I will call bullshit because your fiancé styled your room,” Ronnie ranted about Olivia’s involvement in the winning room.

Josh and Luke gave an interview to the Cliffo & Gabi radio show this morning to address some of the cheating rumours. First up, Luke spoke about the controversy surrounding his fiancé’s input. “She didn’t even help with the styling, she just helped me grab some clothes from Kmart,” he said.

“What they didn’t show last night is that they didn’t love our styling — they loved our architecture. That’s what got us the win.”

The boys have come out swinging against Ronnie and Georgia, suggesting that their rivals were the ones cheating the system. “I just find it very interesting the timing of Ronnie deciding to come forward with that,” one of the twins said. “It seems like he’s a little bit sour, we probably are involved in something, but people in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones.” Ugh, that sounds suspicious.

In an interview on Today, the former Love Island contestants went on to say that, “We definitely have a role to play in that [cheating scandal] but it’s just interesting who is pointing the finger — because there are more guilty parties to come,” Josh told the hosts. “There’s willing participants and all I’ll say is that we definitely didn’t have an advantage over Ronnie and Georgia,” Luke added.

Then Josh said something rather incriminating, revealing that “At the end of the day, if you dangle a carrot in front of a horse, they’re probably going to take a bite.” I don’t know if Josh is referring to himself and his brother, or Ronnie and Georgia, but I am intrigued.

The Block drama continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 9. Bring the popcorn.