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12 Reasons Why Sutton Is The Best Character On ‘The Bold Type’

There’s a lot to be excited about in 2020, but aside from the reality TV in the pipeline, there’s one series I’ve truly missed that’s set to return: The Bold Type and my three (imaginary) TV besties Kat, Jane, and Sutton.

While I’m utterly obsessed with this show, we can all agree that Jane is the worst character. That’s not even worth debating. When I first watched the series, I always thought that Kat was my favourite character but on a recent rewatch of the show I came to the realisation that I was wrong: Sutton is the best character.

She’s absolute perfection.

There’s countless reason why Sutton is the best character but these below points truly stand out.

12 reasons Sutton is the best character on The Bold Type:

#1. She started from the bottom…

Unlike Kat who grew up with rich and privileged parents and Jane who somehow stumbled into a fulltime writer’s gig, Sutton has had to work extra hard to get half as far. Let’s not forget that in the pilot episode, as Jane was boasting about her new job, Sutton was still working her ass off as an assistant.

#2. She’s an inspiration

Sutton is the ultimate feminist and is always empowering as hell. From telling the fashion assistants in season one that she won’t tolerate being slut-shamed to focusing on her career goals, we could all learn a lot from Sutton.

#3. She shows us that there is no clear-cut career path for everyone

While a character like Jane has always known she wanted to be a writer, more often people in their early twenties will float from job to job, trying to find a fit. Watching Sutton’s dreams change season to season is actually refreshing to see.

#4. She’s had a life of hardships

Sutton has had it tough. Her father left when she was young and as the daughter of an alcoholic mother, who was often living paycheck to paycheck, when Sutton moved to New York she continued to send part of her wage back to her mum in Pennsylvania.

#5. But somehow she stays positive

No matter what the situation is, Sutton is always there as a shining light trying to make the best of things. We don’t deserve this angel.

#6. She’s always there for comic relief

During the character’s more dramatic moments, Sutton can always be trusted to crack an inappropriate joke or do something to break the tension.

#7. Like, seriously…

The girl is hilarious.

#8. She dresses immaculately

I mean, as a fashion assistant you’d hope she’d know how to dress but holy shit, her style is flawless and she rarely puts a fashion foot wrong, unlike some others *cough* Jane! *cough*. Oh, and her hair is MAJESTIC.

the bold type sutton

#9. She is so genuinely kind and caring

Sutton does not have a bad bone in her body. This is especially evident when she helps Oliver’s adoptive daughter through her body image issues and decides to set an example for the younger generation by casting only realistic models in her school fashion show.

#10. She and Richard are relationship goals

While I love Kat and Adena, they weren’t exactly a healthy couple. Kat could be emotionally manipulative, going behind Adena’s back and speaking to her ex Coco. Sutton and Richard are a refreshingly mature relationship, built on trust and it is lovely to watch.

When Sutton and Richard reunited on the season two finale, it’s the only time I’ve ever felt human emotion.

#11. She has her flaws because no one’s perfect

Sutton being pro-gun was the plot point none of us saw coming but somehow she came through it with her integrity pretty unscathed. Instead, Jane’s ignorance shone through. Sutton stuck to her guns…literally (sorry not sorry).

#12. Above all, she is always there for Kat and Jane

I’m just going to say it. Sutton is a much better friend to Kat and Jane, then they are to her. She constantly drops what she’s doing to help and support them. She’s the best friend a girl can have.

Sutton is the best. I rest my case.

Season four of The Bold Type premiers on Stan on January 24.