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The 17 Best Memes From The Second Season Of ‘The Circle’ (So Far)

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The Circle is back and it’s more calculated than ever. Season one may be done and dusted, but Netflix has wasted no time in bringing on round two. And here, they’ve traded the laid back vibe for a more strategic one: C’mon Survivor antics! 

But, even though the game has changed, fans are still loving the show. 

Here Are The Best Memes From The Circle Season 2 So Far

Let’s break down everyone’s thoughts about the season so far through the funniest memes on the Internet. Just a warning, there are a lot of spoilers in here, so make sure you’ve watched the first four episodes before you proceed!! 

Firstly, Netflix, Please Give Us All The Episodes

When I first saw the release date for The Circle happening this month, you bet I cleared my schedule to binge it all on one weekend. But, unfortunately, only four episodes dropped. At least I wasn’t alone with dealing with this shock. 

Please give us all the episodes, I can’t wait much longer!

Secondly, Netflix, Well Done With Casting

Much like season one, the cast for season two has been excellent so far. And while I’m expecting other faces to pop up, I’m very, very, very pleased with the people we’ve gotten to know so far. 

Let’s Talk About The Cast

Bryant Is A Literal Angel

Pour one out for Bryant. He left the show way, way, way too early. And sure, he had huge hippie energy, but I loved his presence. We hope to see you on another reality show sometime soon, man!

Chloe Continues To Be An Icon

We may have met Chloe in Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle, but we’re really getting to know her on The Circle. The verdict? She’s fucking funny.

Firstly, she had no idea who NSYNC were, which is hilarious to me. 

Secondly, she had the funniest reaction to being betrayed by Savannah. 

Thirdly, she fell for a catfish (poor thing). 

Lastly, poor Chloe doesn’t know much about modern history… 

Awwwwwwwwww River

River may be a catfish, but we love him regardless. Lee is such a sweetheart, we can’t help but get emotional when he gets emotional.

Is That Lance Bass!?!?!!?

Words can not describe the level of excitement that ran through my veins when The Circle said they were bringing out Lance Bass. So you can imagine my humiliation when it turns out he was also a catfish. 

Yeah, turns out I may have been alone. I feel dumb. Oh, so dumb.

And if that couldn’t get any worse, I not only feel dumb, but I feel old because some of these Circle contestants have no idea who he is!

And Finally, Let’s Talk About Terilisha and Savannah

How these two went from the top two influencers to the bottom to influencers in the space of one ranking cycle? I’ll never know. 

Ultimately, Savannah’s time in The Circle was short-lived and Terilisha got to see another day. 

Lesson here? Stay on top of your strategy and don’t be too aggressive too quickly!

What’s gonna happen next? Who knows… But, the wait is killing me… 

I guess, we’ll reconvene next week for some more memes of The Circle.