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Shubham From ‘The Circle’ Reacts To Finding Out That Rebecca Wasn’t Real

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Netflix’s reality show The Circle made television gold for many reasons, but Shubham being catfished by Rebecca the entire time has to be the best part.

Shooby was loyal to Rebecca for the whole series, often saying she was the only real person in The Circle, which was hilariously awkward to watch as Rebecca was actually a man named Seaburn.

Before the winner was crowned on the final episode (no spoilers, don’t worry!) all of the final contestants got to meet each other in the flesh. Shooby was the first there, waiting as Seaburn walked in and revealed himself to be Rebecca.

Shooby was beyond shook. “It’s just so crazy because like, we talked for so long. I’m sorry, it’s just so trippy to me,” he told Seaburn.

Since the show finished filming, Shooby had time to reflect and spoke to Time Magazine about finding out that Rebecca was a catfish all along.

“It was definitely a humbling experience. I called myself ‘Sharky Shubham’ the whole time, ‘The Catfish Hunter.’ And I was so wrong about so much. The thing with me and Seaburn though, it was a brother-sister thing. We had this connection, with her sword-fighting and my Marvel and our science.

“At the big reveal I was shocked; it was an out-of-body experience when I saw her — or him, sorry. But it didn’t matter to me at the end of the game. Everything was the same except instead of brother-sister, it was brother-brother,” he said.

“At the end of the day we’re competitors; these people come to play to win, and he got to the end, so I have nothing but respect. I consider him one of my closest friends for life.”

Seaburn explained to Shubham his decision to pose as his girlfriend Rebecca on the finale, telling him, “Where I’m from, showing your emotion is a sign of weakness and it’s like, to be able to wear your heart on your sleeve and genuinely be able to do that, will it resonate more as me being a woman than it would being a man? Guys are always told not to show their emotions, why can’t we? I really wanted to get that message across, which I did.”

Tbh, the show wouldn’t have been the same without Seaburn clumsily doing his best impression of a woman (getting his period cramps only on the left side?!), while he and Shooby’s wholesome friendship blossomed.

I will truly miss watching their friendship on my TV every week. The FOMO is real.