The Crew 2 release event in Austria

We Tested Out The World’s Most Hectic Racing Game In Austria & Here’s What Went Down

Do you like speed? Cool cars? Reckless driving?

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Yes? Good. Welcome to the world of The Crew 2.

Ahead of the release of 2018’s most anticipated racing game, I headed to Austria to see what all the fuss was about.

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Austria is home to many beautiful things –  The Sound of Music, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mozartm and The Redbull Ring.

A two-hour bus ride from Vienna, Spielberg’s world-famous Redbull racetrack is where all of the action was gonna go down.

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It all kicked off with a sneak preview of game highlights, which were naturally absolutely insane.

Next, I jumped onto a console and tested out the game for myself.

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Unlike other racing games, the coolest thing about The Crew 2 is the ability to seamlessly change vehicles mid-race. You could be racing in a car and suddenly transform into an airplane and hit the skies. The graphics are sick, the gameplay is smooth and the racing feels incredible. With over 250 vehicles to choose from, it’s like all your childhood dreams come true.

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(I was in the zone and loving every minute of it, obviously.)

Then, it was time to experience it for realz.

Our first task was to take a Porsche for a spin around the  track. Sounds like the dream, right? Well, considering I’ve only driven twice in the last year, I was a little nervous. It began to rain as we geared up, making it very easy to get the cars to slide sideways. I was A LOT better at driving in the video game than I was in real life.

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Similar to my P’s test, my driving/drifting was all over the shop, but there was no instructor there to fail me this time!

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Somebody sign me up for Uber.

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Next up, we got to try out 4WD buggies in the mud!

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I was absolutely covered in dirt by the end of it. #NoRagrets (though I do owe an apology to my passenger from the UK — I have never seen someone so terrified in my entire life. We both survived – even if I did almost hit a tree.)

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Oh, and then we wound down with a casual air and drift show.

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Think speeding jets and the Redbull drift brothers smoking up the track. Oh, and just a helicopter defying the laws of physics, no biggie.

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You bet I’m bloody keen to relive it when The Crew 2 comes out.

Here’s what happened….

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Posted by Punkee on Thursday, 7 June 2018

Check out the trailer below:

Play The Crew 2 and explore a huge playground featuring all kinds of cars, bikes, boats and planes. Available June 29 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.