This Podcast About A Murderer Who Went On A Dating Show Is The Distraction We All Need

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As we all adapt to our lives being slower-paced in the coming weeks as the nation attempts to prevent the outbreak of COVID-19, it’s important to keep our minds distracted.

If, like me, you divide most of your time between reality TV and anything related to true crime, then podcasts are probably your best friend — especially right now. Whether you’ve chosen to self-isolate or at the very least are practising social distancing, it’s the perfect time to immerse yourself in a new podcast and an absolute cracker just dropped: The Dating Game Killer.

The Wondery production podcast relays the disturbing story of Rodney James Alcala, better known as the ‘Dating Game Killer’, a man who appeared on popular ’70s TV show The Dating Game while simultaneously committing five murders in California between 1977 and 1979.

Like most good podcasts there’s a lot more to the story. Rodney was a master manipulator who managed to get himself out of incarceration after his first conviction by pretending to be fully reformed. I won’t give away all the events that go down, but trust me: it’s bonkers.

The podcast has dropped four episodes so far and it’s an extremely addictive listen… basically it’s the perfect way to pass the time during this weird state we find ourselves in right now.

Warning: the podcast describes very disturbing crimes, some involving children, so it might not be the right show for everyone.

Listen to The Dating Game Killer on iTunes here.