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The Former Cast Of ‘MAFS’ Are Super Salty That They’ve Been Blocked By The Official Instagram

We’re all preparing ourselves for the next dramatic season of Married At First Sight to air… but until that day, we still have the old cast providing us with all the drama.

As it turns out, the cast of last series have been blocked from the official Married At First Sight Instagram and they’re not happy, Jan, not happy at all.

Nasser posted this today and many of his castmates have left comments expressing their disappointment and anger at the situation.

“We’re all still locked into contracts with Nine, who are still banning us from taking on new work,” Nasser wrote.

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If you ever wanted to know what reality TV is like behind the scenes, this is it. The series five cast now officially blocked from the @MAFS page as they groom the new bunch. Which is funny, since we're all still locked into contracts with Nine, who are still banning us from taking on new work and making a living. Threatening legal action if we even try. Last year they promised us care, assistance and help with dealing with the media. They said don't worry, trust us, we really do want to find you love. Then the second they'd exploited our storylines for all they could, turned people against us with their scripted produced rubbish and made as much money as they could off us – we were nothing. Even months after they said they wanted nothing to do with me anymore they still sent an email fom their lawyers banning me from doing another show. Good luck to the new lot… you're going to need it. If you wonder why some of us speak with such distaste about the show that made us – this is it.

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I think the most disappointing thing here is that Nasser still doesn’t have a blue tick.

The old cast have gone off in the comments and they seem ready to spill the tea:

Telv isn’t too worried, he’s just wondering how many actors have been hired.

telv MAFS

Meanwhile Carly is “honestly so offended”.

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Thankfully for all of us though, Sean’s book is going to spill everything we need to know.

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And Nasser stated that it’s “time for the truth to come out”.

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A Channel Nine spokesperson told Punkee:

“We have blocked participants in the past, so there is nothing unusual about it. We are focused on the upcoming season of Married At First Sight and the journeys of the new participants.”

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how Nasser & co react to that one.

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