How ‘The Grinch’ Stole Christmas & Pioneered Modern Emo Culture

Emo, is an attitude. Emo is a way of being. Emo is a dark sub-culture that can be traced back to one pivotal source text that spearheaded its evolution.

According to the exceedingly reputable source ‘So‘ someone living the “emo lifestyle” is associated with a “melodramatic attitude” and likely to be “shy, quiet, mysterious, introverted, angst-ridden and sensitive”. The movement is a breeding ground for dire attitudes and frowning.

It can be hard to pinpoint exactly where and when a cultural movement began when you’re in the thick of it. However, once you see it, you can’t un-see it. So where did ’emo’ come from? Who is to blame? Who is to thank? Well, I’ve got a blank space baby and I know damn well whose name to write…

The Grinch.

The Grinch paved the way for the dark attitudes which have triumphed over the 21st century. Since the film was released in 2000, generations of youths have flocked towards the moody “no-one-understands-me” emo aesthetic. If you think that’s a coincidence, then you are straight up wrong. Emo culture was emboldened by a single icon leading the way.

Who gives a shit about how the Grinch stole Christmas? That’s old news. Let’s talk about how the Grinch launched a cultural revolution and pioneered modern emo culture as we know it.

How exactly The Grinch made emo happen can be broken down into 11 main points which will open your fucking eyes so let’s do this.

#1 Glamourising the ‘dead inside’ aesthetic

The Grinch trailblazed the ‘my heart is cold‘ and ‘my soul is black‘ attitudes that are still so popular today. He showed us what it is ‘to care’ about ‘not caring’ and we followed in his footsteps like puppets on strings.

#2 Hate is a strong word mate

Before watching The Grinch as a child you probably didn’t realise that an individual could have such a huge capacity for hatred.

Then he came along and showed us all that when it comes to hate, the limit does not exist.

You can feel as much hatred towards as many people and things as you can think of.

Shout out to The Grinch for the lessons in how to hate good.

#3 Living in self-isolation is the way to go

There’s barely any time for socialising and outdoor activities once you factor in all of the alone-time activities that any modern emo knows is part of the deal. They learned from the master.

The schedule fills up pretty quickly so it’s best to stay home alone and not skip out on any wallowing.

#4 The fucking melodrama

Emo culture is literally just The Grinch being a melodramatic grumpy asshole but without the elaborate Christmas narrative #Facts.

#5 Crying often and crying alone

A crucial part of the emo lifestyle is crying. It’s a tricky balance between the ‘wake me up inside’ attitude and the ‘I can’t stop these tears from falling *rawr*’ reality.

Luckily The Grinch taught us how to walk that line.

#6 Never let a nice thing be

As the OG emo, Mr. Grinch demonstrates how to consistently bring anything and everything down to a sinister, doom and gloom level.

The sun does not shine on emo’s and positive attitudes are a betrayal to the cause.

#7 Rejection of pop culture & perkiness

You know that classic emo attitude that you’re ‘above it’ or must reject it simply because it doesn’t fit with the acid-bath princess aesthetic you’re going for? Where did that come from?

#8 Get out of my room mom.

The Grinch brooding in his ‘lair’ paved the way for teens everywhere requesting locks on their bedroom doors.

#9 Talking in clichés about your own sadness

One of the most important things about being emo is making sure people know you’re emo. Using elaborately cringey ‘poetic’ clichés to describe your hollow soul in a public forum is the pure emo way.

#10 Resisting ‘help’.

Once an emo always an emo. The Grinch is forced into the world of Christmas spirit and positive emotions by the people of Whoville but he doesn’t go down without a fight.

Emo’s learned early on that you have to hold tight to that empty heart as hard as you can because people will try to poison your aesthetic and make you ‘better’. Th3y R h8ers.

#11 Bringing kids to the dark side when they’re young and vulnerable.

First of all, The Grinch is a children’s Christmas movie, the perfect platform to incept young malleable brains towards an affinity for the emo brand.

Second of all, remember when Taylor Momsen was little Cindy Lou Who and came face to face with the Grinch?

Clearly, she has been shooketh ever since. This, my friends, is no coincidence:

This is the Grinch’s work. Planting the seeds of emo culture in hearts and minds everywhere until it festered into an emo revolution.

Case closed.

Let the record show that not only did the Grinch steal Christmas, he also pioneered modern emo culture and will forever be the OG emo icon.

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