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5 Spooky Theories About ‘The Haunting Of Bly Manor’ To Leave You Even More Confused

Just in time for the spooky season, Netflix has dropped creepy thriller The Haunting of Bly Manor and it will seriously make you want to cover every mirror and avoid small children for the foreseeable future.

The follow-up series to The Haunting of Hill House tells the scary but sad story of American woman Dani, who accepts a job caring for recently orphaned children Flora and Miles at their summer house in Bly, a town in the UK. It’s here that Dani meets a whole host of people including the manor’s chef Owen, housekeeper Hannah, and gardener Jamie.

The series is a little spooky (not nearly as scary as Hill House), but it’s the relationships forged between the characters that kept me coming back. I honestly would die for Owen and Hannah — we don’t deserve them!

The tale is told from the perspective of an older woman attending a wedding in US. And tbh, to me the biggest mystery is how that soon-to-be married couple sat for nine hours to hear a ghost story without telling that strange woman to GTFO. Or why didn’t anyone tell Flora to stop describing everything as “perfectly splendid”?! Lord, give me strength!

But there are plenty more questions people are asking, mainly around what exactly went down during the season, and the theories on Reddit and Twitter are so damn fascinating.

Major series spoilers ahead, so tread with caution!!!

In the final minutes of the series, a lot of the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. We learnt that it was actually Flora’s wedding at the start of the season and that the narrator was Jamie. The devastating final scene saw her waiting for the return of Dani in her hotel bedroom — and a hand sitting on her shoulder as she fell asleep. I HAD CHILLS.

So what does it all mean?!

Here are 5 spooky theories about The Haunting Of Bly Manor:

1. This theory about Peter’s sinister plan for Rebecca.

The story of Bly Manor’s original au pair is, perhaps, the most tragic of all. Rebecca ended up walking into the lake after Peter tricked her into thinking the afterlife would mean they would have a happier life together. This theory poses an even darker motivation Peter had for his meet-ups with Rebecca inside the manor.

(Spoiler) Theory about Peter and Rebecca from HauntingOfHillHouse

2. This mind-bending alternative theory about the Lady of the Lake.

This is the kind of theory that makes me so confused that I get crossed-eyed and fall off my desk chair. Since the season’s narrator was Jamie, can we trust anything we heard about the Lady of the Lake? Was her name even Viola?! Was it all a lie?!

(Spoilers)(Haunting of Bly Manor) The Eighth Episode Is A Lie. from FanTheories

3. This theory that Dani was slowly becoming Viola.

After Viola released the ghosts haunting Bly, it was assumed her spirit was finally at peace. Dani appeared to be living a normal life with Jamie, until she started to spot Viola in her reflection. So was she always doomed to relive Viola’s demise?!

4. This theory on Jamie’s motivations for telling the story to the soon-to-be-married couple.

The final episode of the season sees Owen at dinner with Jamie and Dani, where he tells them that Miles and Flora no longer remember the events of Bly Manor. This news leaves Dani visibly upset, which is probably the spirit of Viola coming through and not wanting to be completely erased from history. The scene eventually leads to Dani joining Viola in the lake, therefore being taken from Jamie, and this theory poses that by retelling the story to the wedding party, Jamie is attempting to revive her dead lover in their memories — and possibly in reality.

5. Wait, did Jamie and Dani get their happy ending after all??

The ending scene showing Dani’s hand on Jamie’s shoulder could be interpreted in countless ways. Was Dani back for good, or was she simply always with Jamie, who never knew she was there? The below theory is an optimistic outlook and I need to believe it’s true.

An interpretation of Bly Manor that might console a lot of you [Spoilers] from HauntingOfHillHouse

Whatever it meant, that ending has ENDED me.

The Haunting of Bly Manor is available to stream now on Netflix.