So ‘The Hills’ Reunion Is Dead And Here’s Who Is To Blame

The rumours of The Hills OG cast coming together for a reunion have been brewing for so long that it had us believing we would actually be getting that sweet sweet content. Apparently, it ain’t going to happen and someone’s spilled who is to blame.

As if in honour of the melodramatic pettiness that fuelled the iconic show, the cast members have been playing the blame game for months. Everyone’s been pointing the finger at someone else to excuse the hold-up in production but until now, no one really knew who was at fault for the lack of reunion.

Well, according to Kristin, it’s none other than god damn Heidi and Spencer who are leaving everyone hanging because OF COURSE it’s them. It makes so much sense.

“Well truth be told they were trying to get us all together, and then two people pulled out,” Kristin spilled to Jenny McCarthy on her US radio show.

When Jenny took an educated guess and said “Speidi”, Kristin explained, “Well it’s for a specific reason [Speidi] can’t do it… they have another contract so they’re not able to do it.”

Interesting that everyone’s favourite crystal man, Spencer Pratt laid the blame on “the delightful LC” back in February. Oh how the tables have turned.

But what is this conflicting contract??? It is very hard to believe they have a better offer??? Unless “contract” is actually a euphemism for some kind of spiritual bondage to another purpose??? Speidi quit playin’.

I guess this whole reunion thing just wasn’t vibrating at the right frequency for his liking.

Farewell to The Hills reunion, we didn’t even get to know you but we loved you anyway.