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The Kardashians Season 5 Trailer Just Landed. Lots To Unpack, But I’m Not Sure I Can Be Bothered.

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“Last year, we made a commitment to ourselves. Slow down, take some time off, be present in the moment,” Kim Kardashian tells us seconds into the trailer for her family’s fifth season of Hulu’s The Kardashians

This absolutely tracks, as many people have been wondering where the hell the most famous family in the world has been hiding. For the last six months, it’s been radio silence on planet KarJenner, aside from the occasional dating rumours, acting gigs and new babies. Often though, when the new season of The Kardashians drops, we peek behind the curtain and find out what the family have been hiding from us suckers.

Well, this morning’s release of the new trailer did exactly that; teasing health scares, new sister tensions and the constant pursuit of success. So why do I feel absolutely no excitement for season 5? Let’s watch and unpack. 

Alright, so here are the main takeaways:

  • Kim, Kendall and Kylie (and presumably Kris) head to Fashion Week and they “make a great team” (cool)
  • Khloé is pissed off that the whole family yeets from the country while Kourtney’s due date is approaching (lol I almost spelled country with a “K”) and feels resentful
  • Kim discusses success and how she’s entering her actress era while simultaneously being a mogul and in law school
  • There is major tension between Kim and Khloé
  • Khloé is trying move on from human STI Tristan Thompson
  • Kendall claims she’s not boring

As I said, there’s a lot, but there’s nothing that we haven’t seen a version of before. The plot lines are completely predictable, and what once worked for me just isn’t hitting anymore. While this family has never been relatable per se, their dynamics used to look familiar to those who had grown up in a large, loud family. And if it wasn’t familiar, it was at least entertaining. But ever since the family unlocked that new level of fame and success (aka billionaire status), they’ve all felt like AI avatars of themselves. 

Anything “real” they experience, whether it’s health or anxiety or dating, just comes across as cosplay. When you have access to the world’s best doctors, lawyers, therapists, love interests and career opportunities, it’s increasingly difficult to empathise with your struggles, especially when you’re presenting them in convoluted and contrived ways.

Unsure if this was just me, but I did the responsible thing and took to the streets to hear from the people (Reddit). Here were some of the reactions to The Kardashians season 5 trailer:

the kardashians reddit

“I am also dramatic for no reason so I get it.” Image Credit: Reddit

the kardashians reddit

“It’s okay to admit you’re rich and have help girlies.” Image Credit: Reddit

 Ok, so it’s not just me (phew), we’ve all got KarJenner fatigue. 

While the family will occasionally acknowledge their privilege on the show, my hot take is that the only thing that would pique public interest again is some real talk. Tell us what it’s like to be a billionaire you cowards! We know you’re #blessed but do you feel fucking weird sometimes? Guilty? Smug? Tell us what dating is really like. How do you meet people? Does security harsh the vibe? Do you make love interests sign NDAs? Explain to us the psychology behind your corsets, Kimberly. I would genuinely love to know how she got to this place of wanting to present to the public as unworldly and how it feels to be both a perpetrator of the problem and a victim of it. 

There’s an entire planet that these people live on that we mere mortals would love insight into, so please stop recycling old storylines and let us understand you so we can try to stop judging you so mercilessly. 

Or don’t. Who the fuck am I kidding, I’ll probably still watch this season. 

…And you can too. The Kardashians will premiere on Disney+ on May 23rd. 

Written by Lil Friedmann, a staunch defender of reality television. You can follow her at @lilfriedmann on socials.

Image credit: Hulu