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18 Questions I Had After Watching ‘The Kissing Booth 2’

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One of Netflix’s most successful films is back for a sequel, with The Kissing Booth 2 dropping on the streaming service recently.

The follow-up film picks up where the first one left off, with Elle (Joey King) and Noah (Jacob Elordi) still together but navigating the difficulties of long-distance dating as Noah begins his semester at Harvard and Elle heads back for her final year of high school. Of course, it gets more complicated with a couple of new hotties on the scene — Marco and Chloe — who pull Elle and Noah even further apart.

While there’s no denying that this film franchise is entertaining, it doesn’t always make a lot of sense. After watching the sequel, I’ve been left with more questions than answers.

Here are 18 questions I had after watching The Kissing Booth 2 on Netflix.

The movie begins with Noah at Harvard and Elle attending her first day of senior year, and there’s a rumour going around the whole high school that she and Noah have broken up. Like, people are HYSTERICAL over it.

1. Umm why would anyone care about their relationship status when Noah doesn’t even go to the school anymore?

In my (distant) memory of high school, once someone graduates they’re practically dead.

Later on, when Elle doesn’t immediately reply to Noah’s text message, he calls the principal pretending to be her dad in a desperate ploy to speak to her.

2. Is this supposed to be a romantic gesture, because I see it as a giant red flag?

She doesn’t have an issue with this?! Back at Elle’s house, they talk on the phone again and Noah tells her she should join him at Harvard next year.

3. How easy does Noah think it is to get into Harvard?

He casually suggests it like how my mum suggests going to KFC for lunch. (The answer is always yes.)

Back at school, some girl is showing Elle a video someone filmed of new guy, Marco, and as Elle ogles him she accidentally presses the record button, so her comments are blasted across the school speakers.

4. But like, what the hell is this video? Who has the time to film a slo-mo video like this? How did they get this camera angle? Who set the lighting?

This is a masterpiece.

Noah surprises Elle with a plane ticket to visit him in Boston and there’s a long montage of the couple doing cutesy things together.

5. This must have been hella awkward to film between exes, Joey and Jacob, hey?

Elle spotted an attractive friend, Chloe, on Noah’s ‘gram and finally met her at dinner.

6. Is Noah really going to greet Chloe in front of Elle by kissing her on both cheeks, giving her a tight, lingering hug and telling her she “looks beautiful”?

Men, honestly. The audacity.

7. Is the memory of Elle telling Noah over dinner that she wants to treat him “like my own personal jungle gym” going to scar me forever?

the kissing booth 2 questions

I dunno man, my mind conjures up an image of Elle climbing Noah’s naked body and using his torso as a slip ‘n slide.


As Elle prepares to leave Boston, she finds an earring in Noah’s bed and she immediately freaks TF out.

8. Is it just me, or if I found an earring in my boyfriend’s bed, I’d just assume he’s started accessorising?

Back at school, we find out more about Marco who is just as tall and dreamy as Noah.

9. But wait, Marco looks like he’s 30 years old, right? Also, this actor looks like Jacob. Was that on purpose? Are y’all trying to confuse Elle?

Elle and Lee train for a dance competition but after Lee gets injured, they sub in Marco.

10. How can Elle be jealous of Noah hanging with Harvard friend Chloe, when she spends every waking hour with Marco (a guy who clearly is romantically interested her)?

Don’t make sense, sis.

11. Am I supposed to care about Lee arguing with his girlfriend, Rachel? ( I do not.)

12. How is Lee too injured to compete in the dance battle but can still perform a dance with Elle at the Halloween party?

Tfw you’re too injured to dance:

(FYI: Lee later says he faked injuring himself so that he could spend more time with Rachel but at least pretend to be out of action, pal.)

13. But how did Elle not clock this sooner?

The guy didn’t seem injured in any way the entire movie!

14. Why did Elle decide to not only kiss Marco, but to kiss him on a competition being filmed on live TV?

Even if Jacob wasn’t there to see it, he would have still found out y’all kissed.

15. Why does every time Noah texts Elle, it appears on her phone like it’s the first time they’ve ever texted?

the kissing booth 2 questions netflix

Or is Elle wiping old text messages? That is SUSPICIOUS.

16. These college essays that Elle submits where she references all of her friends wouldn’t make any sense to all these application approvers. What is happening?

As if Harvard would approve someone who wrote in, “In five years I want to be Rachel’s kindness.” Umm, WHO DAT? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

Despite kissing Marco, Elle and Noah get back together and she tells him “it’s always been you.”

17. Wait, if it’s always been Noah then why did you kiss Marco, huh?

Something doesn’t add up there.

18. OK, so the film ends with Elle getting accepted into Harvard and she looks shook. Is she really going to think about it?

(Bitch, go to Harvard!)

The Kissing Booth 2 is available to stream now on Netflix.