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We’ve Tried To Predict Which Celebs Will Hide In Disguise On ‘The Masked Singer’

The Masked Singer Australia is set to premiere on Network 10 very soon and if you’ve seen the ads for the show, you’ll know it looks absolutely bonkers.

Adapted from the South Korean show King of Mask Singer, The Masked Singer pits 12 disguised celebrities against each other, with hints on the identity of said celebs being dropped throughout the episodes. The show had a successful launch in the US earlier this year and the Aussie version appears to look just as good.

This year’s panel of judges for the Australian version are Dannii Minogue, Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes, Jackie O and the ever-iconic Lindsay Lohan, and the show is going to be hosted by everyone’s favourite Bachy matchmaker, Osher Günsberg.

Here’s what we know about The Masked Singer so far.

There’s going to be a mix of Aussie and international celebrities and the clues dropped are the following:

  • All the celebrities can sing but it doesn’t mean they’re all professional singers
  • There will be 12 celebrities competing in total
  • There will be an ARIA winner; an MTV award winner; a Logie winner; an Order of Australia recipient, and a World Cup winner.

And here’s who we are predicting (or rather hoping) to see on The Masked Singer Australia:

1. Rob ‘Millsy’ Mills

It makes perfect sense: Millsy is a national icon, on a Channel 10 show already, AND has been spotted recently with Osher Günsberg. Maybe he could sing “Stars Are Blind”?

2. David Hasselhoff

OK this one I don’t have super hardcore evidence for, just the fact people on social media are convinced it’s going to happen. The Hoff was in Australia around the time of filming allegedly, so it could add up.

3. Jess Mauboy

The one singing ‘Toxic’ kind of sounds like her, right? Right? Rumours have been circulating for ages about Jess being on the show and she is releasing a new album in October. The timing could be just right.

4. Em Rusciano

Another Idol alum, Em Rusciano has been busy touring and could’ve easily popped by Fox Studios to dress up in disguise. She was robbed on Australian Idol back in the day, so bring her back we say.

5. Dr Chris Brown and/or Amanda Keller

the masked singer australia

These two seem to pop up everywhere and are basically Channel 10 royalty. Can they sing? No idea. Would I like to see it? Absolutely.

6. Cosima DeVito and her nodules

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“I am what I am”… sing it sister ❤️

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7. Noni Hazlehurst

She’s an Order of Australia recipient and deep down the mother of all of us. Her voice lulled us into our afternoon naps during Play School, but I’d love to see her belting out some classic tunes on stage, dressed as a giant kangaroo or something.

8. Natalie Bassingthwaighte

We all know she can sing, dance and act, and while she’s busy with Chicago right now, she could’ve made some sneaky time for Masked Singer cameos during stage rehearsals.

9. Deni Hines

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Having a sing. Just saying xxxx

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Now this is a rumour that has been a-floating ever since the studio audience went in and filmed the show. If you’re part of all the right Facebook groups, you’ve probably seen this name pop up a few times. I have high hopes for Deni and also high hopes for a cameo from her mum, Marcia.

10. Stan Walker

Stan was touring Australia around the time of filming for The Masked Singer AND he has an absolute powerhouse voice – but it may be too distinctive for the reality TV stage. We’ll see.

11. Grant Denyer

If it’s a Channel 10 show, Grant has to be there, it’s in his contract. Trust me. And he’s displaying some musical talent above, even if his daughter is taking the lead on the mic.

12. Mike Whitney

Posted by Mike Whitney Band on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

“Who’s a World Cup winner that could sing?” I asked my co-workers earlier today. While I then got deeply distracted looking up Brett Lee’s Bollywood career, Mike Whitney was the stand-out answer here. He who dares, wins.

Watch the latest promo for The Masked Singer here: