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We Guessed ‘The Masked Singer’ Celebs Based Off The Vague AF Clues

It’s that time of the year again! When as a nation, we tune into The Masked Singer to spontaneously shout random celebrity names at our TVs. Who are we talking to? Who knows! But we have fun!

The reality singing competition became a phenomenon in Australia when it debuted last year and it’s back with a new judge, Urzila Carlson, as sadly the show’s loosest unit Lindsay Lohan couldn’t travel here due to COVID-19 restrictions. But we move on and The Masked Singer has finally released clues for all of this season’s masks.

Some of the clues give a lot of information away, while others are just vague AF. Either way, I spent a couple of days internet sleuthing to dig up as much as I could. Here are our guesses so far ahead of the premiere!


Clue: “I may be classically trained, but I’m famous for some other moves.”

Guesses: This classically trainer singer must have impressive pipes and Dami Im is an obvious choice. She is a classical pianist and has Master of Music Studies in Contemporary Voice. The “famous for other moves” part could be referencing her representing and reaching second-place in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest or the fact she appeared on Dancing With The Stars last year. Other options could be Kate Miller-Heidke (who also did Eurovision) or Emma Watkins from The Wiggles (“other moves” get it?), but my money is on Dami.


Clues: “When they hear my voice, they’ll be yelling ‘You grow girl.'”

“Don’t let my looks fool you, I’m dangerous but I would rather keep that private.”

Guesses: These clues are super vague but maybe allude to someone known for their looks, but also a celeb who goes to great effort to keep a private life. Maybe Sophie Monk could be an option, we know from her days of Bardot that she can sing. Speaking of Bardot, the “I’m dangerous” line could be a nod to their hit song ‘Poison’ which includes the lyrics “too dangerous what you want from me.” Or the “you grow girl” part could be referencing a celeb who is petite, so could be someone like Samantha Jade.


Clue: “I’ve always been a stand up guy who hangs with birds of a feather.”

Guesses: This clue is about as subtle as a sledgehammer. I’m assuming we are dealing with a stand-up comedian, so it could be someone like Tommy Little or Tom Gleeson. However, the second part of the clue makes me think it’s Sam Pang, who cohosts a radio show alongside (aka “hangs with”) Chrissie Swan, which explains the bird connection.


Clue: “My sporting pedigree can’t be denied… and doesn’t that just take the cake?”

Guesses: This one is deeply confusing. Someone sporty who also bakes? It could be someone like MasterChef’s Justine Schofield, who also used to date sports presenter Matt Doran. Or the mention of pedigree could be a nod to horse racing, so Michelle Payne springs to mind. After some googling, I found out Michelle could have a decent singing voice as she once sang the national anthem at a public event. Intriguing.

However, in one of the promos we hear that the Queen has amazing pipes so they are more likely to be a professional singer. Someone like theatre star Lucy Durack has the voice and she bakes! As far as sporting pedigree goes, there was a Fanny Durack who won the first-ever gold medal for swimming at the Olympics in 1912. They could be related?! It’s all adding up.


Clue: “It only knows one way to go… pedal to the metal from start to finish.” The above package also includes a fair bit of info, as we see Echidna spinning five records while rocking a baby’s cradle, then competing in a race.

Guesses: I was adamant last year that Grant Denyer was one of the celebs, and I’m back in 2020 to again say I reckon this is him. The “pedal to the metal” could be about his history of racing V8 supercars, he’s a dad of two which explains the crib and the five spinning records is likely referencing the fact he has five Guinness World Records. Lock it in. It simply has to be Grant.


Clue: “I’ve never started a fight… but I always nail them in the end!” In the clip we can also see swans in a pool, Hammerhead doing construction work and then playing a guitar.

Guesses: The nailing could allude to the celeb being some kind of builder like Barry Dubois from The Living Room. Or the Hammerhead costume could be referencing a sports team like the Cronulla Sharks. One commenter on Facebook had a convincing theory for it being rugby league player Paul Gallen:

“First, he played NRL for the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks. He also went in the boxing ring against Barry Hall (hence Hammerhead zapping the swans rather than lounging in the pool with them). And as for the ‘I always nail them.’ Aside from tying with Barry Hall, he has won every boxing match he has been involved in.”

This all sounds extremely convincing to me but let me drop another idea. Nail? Hammer? Who has a big hammer? THOR! Could it be Chris Hemsworth?? I doubt it but honestly, 2020 needs this.


Wizard Clue #1

BZZZZT! Wizard is here with his first ever clue! Who's under this magical mask? Find out when The Masked Singer Australia returns August 10 on 10!

Posted by Channel 10 on Monday, 27 July 2020

Clue: “My childhood neighbours hated my singing voice ‘lalalalalala’ — but who’s having the last laugh now!”

Guesses: Another mysterious clue. The mention of neighbours could be alluding to the Aussie soap, so could be any of the current or past cast. Someone like Madeleine West or even Bonnie Anderson, who first found fame for her impressive pipes on Australia’s Got Talent when she was 12 years old. Or another past Neighbours actor I’d personally love to see make a comeback would be Dean Geyer. There’s another theory that it could be Aussie treasure Magda Szubanski, as she appeared on Neighbours and the ‘lalala’ part could be a nod to her role in Babe.


Clue: “I’m not afraid to take the gloves off and get my hands a little dirty.”

Guesses: I’m assuming this means the celeb is some kind of gardener. This could be be someone like Jamie Durie or Jason Hodges, but Costa Georgiadis from Gardening Australia might be an even better bet as according to his Instagram he is no stranger to performing on stage.


Clues: “I may forget you but you won’t forget me.”

“I’m not just gold, I’m quite precious and a lot tougher than I look.”

Guesses: This is the worst and vaguest clue out of the bunch. I’m at a loss but Instagram user @josholoughlin has a convincing theory: “Julia Morris — she forgot to announce the nominees at the 2015 Logies Awards,” they wrote. Julia also hosts I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here which could explain the clue about being “tougher than I look.” Julia has a beautiful singing voice too, so I am sold.


Clue: “I have quite the way with words, even when they’re not mine.”

Guesses: Having a way with words that aren’t their own could translate to a whole range of professions. Are they an actor who also sings? Jessica Mauboy could be a guess, as she has acting credits in The Sapphires and Bran Nue Dae. What about a drag queen known for lip-syncing? I’d absolutely die if Courtney Act was the Sloth.


Clue: “I’ve had my brush with royalty and a long time in a court of law.”

Guesses: Fans quickly decided they knew who this celeb was and their explanations check out. Anh Do hosts a TV show titled Anh’s Brush With Fame and previously studied law at the University of Technology in Sydney. While the royal connection is likely referencing Anh attending a reception held by Prince Harry and Meaghan Markle during their visit to Sydney in 2018. Another option could be Shaun Micallef, who practiced as a solicitor for ten years before becoming a comedian.


Clue: “You wouldn’t say I’m shy, maybe that’s why I feel the cold so often.”

Guesses: The clue simply makes no sense. What we can take from it is that this person is confident and they’re famous for something to do with the cold. Maybe an athlete who competed in the Winter Olympics?

One of the earlier promos mentioned a “triple Olympian” would feature this season so after I did some googling (I know nothing about sport!), I discovered that Scotty James is a three-time Winter Olympian and Australia’s most successful snowboarder. However, I don’t know if Kitten sounds like Scotty’s voice. Another option is Jenny Owens, an alpine skier who is also a triple Olympian. Other options for successful Aussie winter Olympians are Torah Bright or Australian Survivor star Lydia Lassila.

The Masked Singer premieres 10 August at 7:30pm on Channel 10.