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Every ‘The Masked Singer’ Clue That Points To ’00s Diva Anastacia Being The Vampire

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Every year on The Masked Singer there’s one mask where the clues are too obvious, to the point where the identity of the celebrity feels like an open secret. It happened on Season 1 with Rob Mills as the Wolf, then on Season 2 with Kate Miller-Heidke as the Queen, and this season it’s pretty damn clear who Vampire is to everyone watching.

Vampire simply has to be ’00s pop diva Anastacia. From her voice to the clues, the overwhelming consensus among viewers at home is that the ‘I’m Outta Love’ singer has somehow ended up on our little Aussie reality show.

It defies belief, but I believe it.

Not convinced? Let’s go through all the evidence.

Exhibit A: The Voice

Anastacia has one of the most unique voices in pop music. She has a huge voice and when Vampire started to sing on premiere night, Anastacia’s distinct tone was unmistakable.

Note the way Vampire sings “when you’re ’round me” in the Jonas Brothers song ‘Sucker’ which she performed this week.

That is simply Anastacia.

Exhibit B: The Mask

The choice of Anastacia being Vampire is no coincidence. The name Anastacia comes from the Greek word anástasis, which translates to resurrection. And what creature is known for coming back from the dead? Vampires. Y’all aren’t even trying!

If that wasn’t enough to sell the pop singer as a contestant on the show, I trawled through her tagged photos on Instagram and what do we have here…

Anastacia clearly has an affinity with vampires. Case closed.

Exhibit C: The Clues

OK, now let’s jump into the real nitty-gritty stuff. The clues all point straight to Anastacia.

Clue: “I don’t wish to be unkind but do not underestimate me.”

Explanation: Anastacia’s first album was titled Not That Kind.

Clue: “Werewolves fear gold. Vampires do not. We revel in it. The heavier the better.”

Explanation: This could referring to the many many awards Anastacia has won throughout her career, including an MTV Europe Music Award. She also starred in a German TV movie called Gold, Gold, Gold. 

Clue: Two signs that read “Tuus Sum” and “Frustra Somnium”, which translate to “all for you” and “vain dream”.

Explanation: The pop singer’s song ‘Why’d You Lie to Me’ features the lyrics of “I flipped it all for you,” and Anastacia did a cover of ‘Mr. Vain’ with the Berlin Orchestra.

Clue: Vampire was seen standing with salt and pepper shakers.

Explanation: Before making it as a singer, Anastacia danced in two Salt-N-Pepa music videos — in ‘Get Up Everybody (Get Up)’ in 1988 and ‘Twist and Shout’ in 1989.

Clue: “Vampires have no age. We are timeless. A lifetime is but a day. I shall never be a crone.”

Explanation: Anastacia was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease when she was 13 years old.

Clue: A photo of Anastasia Romanov, ballet shoes and a Faberge egg.

Explanation: This is one of the most obvious hints that Vampire is Anastacia, with her name most commonly associated with the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia — and ballet shoes and the Faberge egg adding even more Russian imagery to the picture.

Clue: Vampire was holding a framed photo of Elton John in one hand and an Ankh in the other.

Explanation: The pop singer performed a duet with Elton John of his song ‘Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting’ and Anastacia has a Ankh tattoo on her lower back.

Clue: Bodyguards did Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ dance.

Explanation: Anastacia has previously spoken about how Michael Jackson wanted to sign her to his label.

Clue: A framed picture of Pietro Perugino’s painting ‘The Resurrection’.

Explanation: Anastacia’s sixth album was titled Resurrection and the meaning of her name translates to resurrection.

Clue: A hint connecting Vampire to Freddie Mercury and Queen.

Explanation: Anastacia performed with Queen in 2003, and she also played the Killer Queen in the Dutch adaption of We Will Rock You in 2019.

Clue: A bodyguard was making some kind of Bloody Mary.

Explanation: This one is possibly the most niche out of all the clues, but a YouTuber named Bloody Mary did a cover of Anastacia’s hit song ‘Sick and Tired’.

The Masked Singer returns Sunday night at 7:30pm on Channel 10.