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Here Are The Most Popular Predictions From ‘The Masked Singer’ Premiere

The Masked Singer touched down last night and I’ve never watched a show that has grabbed me quite so quickly. Hook this ridiculous series to my veins.

Over 1.56 million Aussies tuned in to the premiere and Twitter was abuzz over the truly bonkers performances. In the first ep, we were introduced to six masks and, while some of the performers’ identities are baffling viewers, there’s a few that people on Twitter reckon they’ve already got figured out.

Here are the most popular The Masked Singer predictions:

The Alien = Nikki Webster

This one seemed a little too obvious. The clues were blatantly describing Australia’s shared daughter Nikki Webster. The mention of being a child star that came out of nowhere. The Olympic rings in the clue package. That voice. It’s GOT to be our Nikki.

The Unicorn = Deni Hines

Even before the show debuted, Deni had been a name floating around, but hearing the voice of the unicorn has pretty much confirmed it. Plus the clue package said she was from a famous family and had been a princess but never a queen – these hints all seem to be alluding to her mum Marcia Hines and her history as the Queen of Pop in Australia.

The Wolf = Rob Mills

I might not be great at trivia but I knew that was Millsy’s voice two seconds into ‘Man! I Feel Like A Woman!’. Classic Millsy.

The clues all add up. In the Wolf’s bedroom we saw framed photos of both Kylie Minogue and Holly Valance – that’s an obvious nod to Neighbours, a series Millsy currently stars in. Then there was the “triple threat” reference, which alludes to his experience acting, singing and dancing in musical theatre.

The Robot = Cody Simpson

Another pop star Twitter is convinced about. Cody is huge on Twitter and often tweets about the environment. The swimming reference could be a nod to his song ‘Underwater’ or his past career as a champion swimmer, where his signature stroke was the butterfly. Damn. This fits all too well.

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