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The Dragonfly Was Revealed On ‘The Masked Singer’ & Absolutely No One Is Surprised

On last night’s The Masked Singer, Dragonfly was revealed to be none other than national treasure Sophie Monk and absolutely no one was surprised.

This week’s clues for Dragonfly were a little too obvious, with mentions of car washing which is referencing Sophie’s most famous movie scene of all time in Date Movie. Then there was a comment about Marilyn Monroe, who Sophie used to impersonate when working at Warner Bros. Movie World. Tick, tick!

Finally, a bonus clue was brought out — a dummy wearing a military outfit — which was immediately tied to Sophie, who toured the Middle East and performed for Aussie troops in 2004.

Despite all these very obvious clues, the final guesses from the judges ranged from Courtney Act to Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke, with only Dannii Minogue rightly guessing Sophie. Ngl, this seemed suss to me as the clues did not point to any of the other guesses and Sophie’s bestie Jackie O should have known her better than anyone.

Even host Osher Günsberg had an inkling it was Sophie from having worked with her on The Bachelorette.

Producers did go to extra effort to try and lead the judges away from Sophie’s scent with that phone call between Jackie and Sophie that conveniently occurred after Dragonfly had already performed. But that didn’t sway fans who decided it was the Bardot member from day one.

Fans are not surprised by the identity of Dragonfly on The Masked Singer:

It looks like the only person who didn’t think it was Sophie was Courtney Act.

The Masked Singer returns tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 10.