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The Most Popular Guesses From ‘The Masked Singer’ This Week

Australia’s most cursed reality singing competition The Masked Singer made its grand return this week and I’ve truly missed watching Dave Hughes offer up nothing but baffling suggestions for which celebrity is performing every episode.

I just love the idea of Taylor Swift dropping folklore just to prepare fans for her taking the stage as a cactus with tits on the Australian series of The Masked Singer. Hughesy’s mind. What a man.

While the judges (for the most part) didn’t suggest overly likely celebs this week — aside from Jackie O who continues to carry the team — fans on Twitter watching at home came up with some extremely convincing theories on who is behind each mask.

Here are the most popular guesses from the first round of clues!


Clues: “I’m appreciated for the beauty of what I do but nobody sees all the hard work. I love the big moments. I look like a small fish, but I thrive in the big ponds. I’m not a Goldfish for nothing. People say Goldfish have short memories, I resent that. I have an alphabetical knowledge of my history. You have to fight hard to make it, even when you don’t stand a remote chance. What I’m doing tonight will be a knockout. My upbringing was very physical and I achieved something unforgettable in Sydney in 2000.”

Guesses: Christine Anu or Lauren Burns.


Clue: “Why am I the Dragonfly? Because I’m always on the move stopping briefly then moving again. But that is my reality. Am I a triple threat? Quadruple? Quintuple? Dragonfly’s aren’t a threat to anybody. I just want the world to be a kinder place. It could be hard to have my voice heard above the crowd, but I always found a way. Being well known isn’t always wonderful. I’ve had my share of tumbles in life and they can be embarrassing in a lot of ways. But you just have to laugh and move on. After all, it’s not a disaster like The Titanic. What do I want to be when I grow up? I don’t think Dragonflies ever grow up. But right at this moment, I want to win The Masked Singer.”

Guesses: Sophie Monk or Dami Im.


Clues: “I am Frillneck because under pressure I can go real slow. I’ve waited a long time to get where I am. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes with the puppet masters. I’m not someone who works 9 – 5. I feel for people who have to struggle all their lives. I know what it’s like to work and be savaged by those you serve. I love my country and I love its history. I just want everyone to get a sporting chance but knocking down tall poppies can be fun too. I’m known for my opinions. When I have something to say you’ll know it and here’s what I have to say now. I’m going to win The Masked Singer.”

Guesses: Eddie Perfect or Troye Sivan.


Clue: “I am the Queen. I’m in control of all I’ve made and desire to rule the world. Only The Masked Singer stands in my way. My glorious stature doesn’t register in my humble beginnings. I was expected to be known by my Italian works but turned away and followed my own Royal path by popular demand and I have been rewarded with the rarest of metals. I remember the cold times as a child and yet I was never cool. Yes, I have known the highs and the lows, sometimes at the same time. Life doesn’t take you where you think it will, even if you’ll be a queen one day. Thirteen times I’ve been a bridesmaid but never the bride. Now it’s my turn. I’m already a queen but I will be crowned The Masked Singer.”

Guesses: Kate Miller-Heidke or Alannah Hill.


Clue: “Am I a puppet? Yes and no. I love to entertain but nobody is pulling my strings. And you don’t need the Magna Carta to tell you that. We puppets aren’t perfect; I can’t deny that. That’s why I believe in “do what I say, not what I do”. That makes me very fit for my job. I have to admit, I do love to sing. Puppets have been known to do that in the past – maybe as far back as 1964? Ties have played an important part in my life and not just because I like to look good. Normally I’m a nice guy puppet. But on The Masked Singer, I’m taking no prisoners. Puppets don’t age in human years, but the events of 1964 impacted my career.”

Guesses: Mark Holden, Simon Pryce (The Wiggles) or Shaun Micallef.


Clue: “Am I a kitten? Adorable but with claws – that sounds about right. Kittens don’t sing. Well, not often and rarely in public. Late at night, maybe and then we get a shoe thrown at us. I hope that doesn’t happen tonight. I should be used to the criticism, for every high there’s been a low. Like all kittens, I’ve had my time in the sun. From a very young age, water has been an essential part of my life, like a dolphin. But I left that behind to sip the heat of the spotlight elsewhere. But I’m back home now and making up for lost time. Watch out Masked Singers – kitty’s got her claws out.”

Guesses: Tanya Hennessey or Rebel Wilson.


Clue: “Why am I the Bushranger? Because I’m not afraid to stand up and take what I want. I’m proud of my heritage. My past is important to me. Like a true Bushranger, I took the path less travelled and I have never regretted it. That’s because I’m a fighter from a family of fighters. In fact, I became famous punching above my weight. But a successful Bushranger knows when to hide. Sometimes the only way to survive is to turn the light out, it’s better than crying and rusting my helmet. I was a pioneer, the first of my kind, but others followed in my path and more will come in future. I’m a Bushranger and it’s time to stand and deliver.”

Guesses: Bonnie Anderson or Jess Mauboy.


Clue: “I am the Cactus, persistent and determined to survive in the world’s toughest environment. Most cactuses put down their roots where they first land but not me. It took a while for me to find where I belonged. Along the way, I’ve walked the most hallowed turf in the land. I’m a bit of a princess. But am I dangerous? I was called that at the start of my career. I took it hard, but don’t we all need something that scares us just a little? We cactuses aren’t known for the way we move, well that’s not strictly accurate. I’m not bad, but I’m definitely not the best mover in my family. I know the odds are against me 12 – 1 at The Masked Singer, but I’ve fought the odds before. Tonight, I’m going to roll the dice and come up a winner.”

Guesses: Lucy Durak or Natalie Bassingthwaighte


Clue: “I am the Wizard and I understand the power of magic. I believe in the unexpected. I feel connected to the earth, grounded, but power isn’t in everyone. But when you feel it you can use it to help others. I want the power, more power the better, and to feel in control at all times. There are others like me, many others, but I’ve found myself in a smaller group, eventually, just alone. My abilities were recognised young and my mentor showed me the road I should take. The hours were long, but I persevered. When you trust yourself to fate, good things can happen, and it will happen tonight.”

Guesses: Isaiah Firebrace or Stan Walker.


Clue: “I’m a Sloth. Not because I’m slow-moving, no one thinks that. It’s because I slide from one project to the next without anyone seeing me move. I have a colourful past and very colourful family. I love the sunshine and I surround myself with it every day. I’m conservative in many ways but experimental at the same time. My biggest performance was on the sporting stage. Accurate timing was essential, I couldn’t afford to make a mistake. And you make no mistake either because the sloth is going to hit the ground running tonight.”

Guesses: Susie O’Neill or Jane Saville.

Reckon these predictions are dead wrong? Stay tuned for more clues when The Masked Singer returns on Monday night at 7:30pm on Channel 10.