Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Someone Is Using ‘The Sims’ To Recreate Hilarious Parodies Of Keeping Up With The Kardashians

The internet has a habit of spewing up all kinds of weird and wonderful shit and the legends behind YouTube channel Simgm Productions are responsible for something nek-level special.

The channel has established a following for using popular computer game ‘The Sims 2’ to create their own parallel universe of celebrity and pop-culture drama. From the faces, the voices and the camera angles, their work is 100% a modern masterpiece. Their work sees them constantly dishing up wonderfully bizarre fan stories… like that time Nicki Minaj got catfished:

Nicki Minaj Gets Catfished – Catfish Spoof

Kanye’s New Song – The Kardashians Spoof 2

Kim Poses for Ass Magazine – The Kardashians Spoof 3

The New It Girl – The Kardashians Spoof 4