17 Times ‘The Sims’ Summed Up Relatable Life Situations

If you grew up playing The Sims, you’d know those little suckers were hugely relatable at times.

OK, well, not when you were busy drowning them or setting their house on fire in a quest to make a haunted mansion. But there was also something ridiculously fun about being able to control your Sims’ lives and help them achieve their dreams – especially when they played enough chess to become a well-paid doctor or scientist.

Here’s a bunch of everyday life situations summed up by The Sims:

1.When your BFF gets a significant other and you start third-wheeling it.

2. When someone you don’t like starts asking you about your weekend.

3. When you binge-watch all the episodes of Love Island AU in a row and realise you’re very, very alone.

4. When you read another article about how millennials/Gen Z are killing things and, really, you’re just trying to get by.

5. When your teacher asks you a question and you haven’t been listening at all.

6. When Netflix asks you if you’re still watching because you haven’t moved in six hours, and it reminds you that you haven’t been outside all day.

7. When you really wanted pizza for dinner but your mum serves up some weird I Quit Sugar recipe.

8. When you see your grandparents for the first time in forever and they pinch your cheeks and gush at how much you’ve grown.

9. When it’s bedtime and you remember you have an assignment due at 9am the next day.

10. And when you sit down at your computer to finally do it, but realise your selfie game is too strong and get wildly distracted.

11. When you’ve had a productive day of cleaning, studying, and going to the gym and nothing can bring you down.

12. When people keep asking what you want to do when you leave school/uni and you start having an existential life crisis.

13. When you go on a Macca’s run and they say the soft serve machine is broken.

14. When two buses are cancelled, the third drives past because it’s too full, and the next one is delayed by 10 minutes.

15. When you run into someone you know and can’t remember their name AT ALL.

16. When you come home drunk and try to brush your teeth.

17. And when your boss asks if you’ve completed a task and you haven’t even started it yet.