11 Of The Funniest & Most Depraved Things People Have Done When Playing ‘The Sims’

There are two kinds of people in this world: people who give their Sims fulfilling lives, and people who remove the pool ladder and watch their Sims drown.

The Sims is full of endless possibilities. Build your dream house, have a successful career as an astronaut or be abducted by aliens. You can pretty much do whatever you want in these games! But with that freedom comes the opportunity for evil. Whether it happens by accident or on purpose, some players put their Sims characters through hell.

These are the funniest, most depraved and downright weirdest things players have done in The Sims.

Created husbands for their money

Most people are content to use the Motherlode cheat to get some extra cash in The Sims, but that doesn’t really twist the knife in the gut of the patriarchy like this genius plan.


Took over a house by any means necessary

This is a brilliant strategy, I have no qualms with this player’s actions. But building the homes is scientifically the most fun part of any Sims game and any person who says otherwise is a monster.

u/DackNeDolo’s Story from r/fuckedupsimsstories

Proved that dogs 👏 are 👏 better 👏 than 👏 people👏

Ignoring for a second the fact that this player had the perfect dog and decided to go and mess it all up, their strategy for dealing with the newly-transformed human fits his crimes. Now excuse me while I run down the street thanking every dog I see for being literally better than humans.


Set up an underground art racket

Why are we paying exorbitant amounts of rent every month instead of running clandestine art rings? Wake up, people!

Painting Goblin

Woohoo’d someone to death

We’ve all had sex that was so bad it made us wish we could just disappear into thin air. The magic of video games just makes that possible.

My child watched me woohoo someone to death in the sims 4 from r/gaming

Followed a Bob Ross tutorial

Bob Ross taught us that there’s no wrong way to make art. The Sims taught us that, no really, there’s no wrong way to make art, even if it’s on the side of a very good boy.

Followed a Bob Ross painting in The Sims from r/gaming

Recreated the NSW State Election

Leaked files about the government’s plan for Sydney, probably.


Taught us that the road to hell is paved with good intentions

Sometimes it’s not the player who wreaks havoc on the game. Despite their good intentions, this player condemned their Sims family to a life of loss and heartbreak. Say it with me: yikes.


Planned a tasteful funeral

Firstly, this player drowned their Sim, so that’s already pretty disturbing. Secondly, they forced all of recently departed Sims’s friends and family to mock his death at the funeral.


Beautiful work.

Via Me.Me

Deprived the world of pizza, that monster

I don’t care that it only happened in a video game, wasting pizza is a TRAGEDY. Oh, I guess deciding to starve your Sim is also pretty fucked up, but the pizza is the real issue here. Why couldn’t they just remove the doors and start a fire in the house like a normal person?

u/hotbutteredtoast’s Story from r/fuckedupsimsstories

 Made the new hit reality TV show

Remember Big Brother? It’s back, in Sims form! If someone makes a Sims version of Osher Günsberg to host, you best believe we’d watch this religiously.


Y’all are a bunch of brilliant monsters.