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Three Bachys Just Walked Off Set On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ & Viewers Are Confused

Tonight’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise has started off weird as hell, with the random introduction of some new Canadian dude (just when we got rid of one, eh?) and then three OG bachys Michael, Lisa and Luke deciding to walk off the set. Wtaf??

Fresh from giving Lisa a rose at last week’s nail-biting ceremony, Michael continued to bang on about his feelings for her to errr… anyone that would listen. Finally, when Michael asked Lisa her feelz, she told him she was happy with Luke and that he needed to meet someone else.

Luke and Lisa are our precious second fave couple. Mikey: kindly step off.

Step off, he did. But rather than wait for a new potential love interest to arrive, Michael walked off the island??? We don’t fully understand why???

Just when we were left reeling from Mikey’s early exit, Lisa served Luke with a doozy: she wanted the two of them to leave Fiji together… straight away. Huh? Why? It seemed pretty out of the blue and unnecessary.

While initially Luke seemed not entirely keen, he eventually agreed to leave with Lisa. And with that, one of the island’s most interesting couples LEFT our telly boxes.

Viewers are pretty confused about it all tbh.

Can we bring Davey and Flo back to replace them? Asking for a friend.

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