Ex-Bachy Tiffany Is Super Salty About Not Being Included On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

Another day, another Bachy drama.

Strap yourselves in, fam, because this is a real journey for a Friday afternoon.

Remember Tiffany from Richie’s season? Also ex-girlfriend of Megan Marx?

Well apparently she was contacted to appear on Bachelor In Paradise, agreed to it, then had things fall through five days before filming was due to start. And boy, oh boy, she isn’t happy.

Tiffany took to Instagram to share her side of the story, and is she salty and bitter? Absolutely, and she’s not afraid to admit it.

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The better, more mature thing to do might be to say nothing, to take the graceful and humble route BUT I’m a stickler for justice and I don’t think that people or organisations should get away with appalling behaviour. Some will say I’m just disgruntled and bitter, and you’d be correct, given the way things happened I am disgruntled and very bitter. I don’t write this for your sympathy or judgement but to help myself heal and to share with you not only the good times but also the really shit times in life. If you’ve read this far then you are interested enough to know what’s going on. 3 months ago I was contacted by casting for Bachelor in Paradise. My initial instinct was to steer clear and so I told them I needed time to think about it. My friends all told me it was a bad idea having seen how mentally draining and emotionally distressing my past experiences on the show had been. Against my better judgement and tempted by the money and opportunity, and even a little by the unlikely chance of love, I agreed to an expression of interest with a couple of stipulations for me to come on the show. At this stage I knew that I was only in the consideration stages of casting and it wasn’t yet a sure thing. About 2 weeks later I received a call that, in hindsight, I wish I had recorded as evidence of the deceitful nature of the show. I was told they were excited to proceed with me and that I had to complete medicals and other paperwork. The stipulations I had mentioned they told me ‘should not be a problem’ and I was asked for an address that they could send my contract to. I was then emailing with a lady who would be ‘handling our medical paperwork and travel arrangements’ and they wanted to know where I would need to be flown from (Bali or Perth). After this phone call and the discussion about my contract and flights I had believed that, given I pass all the medicals, I would be going on the show. It was never stated to me that there were further stages in the casting process. Over the next two months I began working with @brainwellnessspa and @mindspo to get into the best headspace I could … Continue reading in the comments …

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The HUGE rant goes on for way too many words for an Instagram post and follows up with a couple more comments from the lady herself. The general gist is she was contacted to be on the show three months ago, eventually decided to say yes, underwent medicals and other paperwork and was told that they were excited to proceed with her.

Tiffany said she started working with various companies on getting in the right headspace, getting her beauty routine nailed down before filming started, and put a job and a potential romance on hold. Five days before filming was due to start, she got a phone call saying she wouldn’t be going.

“How silly and trusting I was,” Tiffany wrote.

tiffany bachelor in paradise

“I am mortified over what has happened.”

tiffany bachelor in paradise

She ended the rant saying, “in the protection and support of my friends and family in Perth I will mend.”