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Reddit’s ‘Today I F*cked Up’ Page Will Make You Feel Infinitely Better About Your Day

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There’s no other way to feel better about your day than to relish in the misfortune of others. There I said it.

We all have bad days, whether you went out on a rainy morning without an umbrella and returned home looking like a drowned sewer rat, whether you made a massive mistake at work, or maybe you accidentally texted an ex. But there are some bad days that belong in a totally different tier, and that’s where Reddit page r/TIFU (Today I F*cked Up) comes in.

TIFU is a treasure trove of awkward and embarrassing stories that you could spend an entire (work) day reading (and indeed I did), and it’s guaranteed to make you feel better about your day.

Some of these anecdotes are absolutely unfortunate but hilarious all the same.

The best TIFU entries on Reddit:

Tfw you misconstrued the meaning of the word “ring”.

TIFU by thinking my laser hair removal nurse was complimenting my asshole from tifu

Tfw you show your religious mum a picture of the demon who haunts your dreams.

TIFU by showing my mom a drawing of my sleep paralysis visitor from tifu

Tfw your one-night stand doesn’t go as planned.

TIFU by making my one-night stand breakfast. from tifu

Tfw you try to save someone who doesn’t need saving.

TIFU by jumping into a lake in my bra/panties to save a man that turned out to be an elite military scuba diver in training from tifu

Tfw you scar your boyfriend for life.

TIFU from removing my Menstural cup in front of my boyfriend from tifu

Tfw you accidentally give a $40 tip.

TIFU by paying $70 for a $29 haircut from tifu

Tfw you realise you and your coworker have a friend in common.

TIFU by realizing the older woman I’ve been sleeping with for months is my coworkers mom. from tifu

Tfw whoever smelt it didn’t dealt it.

TIFU by making such a disgusting smell from my butt it evacuated a courtroom. from tifu

Tfw you made your aunt think she was a meme.

TIFU: Telling my Dad about the Karen meme from tifu

Tfw you accidentally tell your boyfriend’s dad that he isn’t his son’s biological father…err, we’ve all been there!

TIFU – I accidentally revealed my boyfriend’s mom’s infidelity from tifu

If this story doesn’t make you feel better about replying “you too!” to a waiter telling you to enjoy your meal, then nothing will.