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20 Incredible Memes About Our New Obsession ‘Tiger King’ On Netflix

Just as it felt like our world was crumbling around us over the weekend, a glimmer of sunshine entered our lives. I am, of course, talking about Netflix’s newest addictive docuseries Tiger King.

To say that Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness is bonkers would be a gross understatement. The series tells the twisted story of Joe Exotic, a big cat owner with two husbands who is currently incarcerated after he plotted to kill his arch-nemesis Carole Baskin — a woman he accuses of killing her ex-husband and feeding him to big cats. Yup. It’s a lot to digest.

There are so many quirky characters involved in this unbelievable story, making it the perfect distraction from the self-isolation most of us are currently experiencing due to the coronavirus pandemic. Tiger King is the kind of series that will have you hooked after just one episode before you accidentally binge it all in one night (guilty!), and the memes the series has inspired are the absolute best.

20 incredible memes about our new obsession, Tiger King:



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