10 Celebs Who Tried Making TikToks And Failed Spectacularly

You thought TikTok was something outta The Hunger Games? Think again.

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TikTok is a worldwide phenomenon that’s bigger than Psy and Joseph Kony combined.

If you’re still confused, TikTok is pretty much like Musical.ly – and if you don’t know what Musical.ly is then please minimise this tab and get back to trading shares.

Put it this way: if teens put as much time solving global warming as they do to lip-syncing to Lizzo on TikTok, we’d be applying sunscreens with ozone layer extract.

Of course, anything Gen Z  drums up, the other generations just HAVE to jump onboard and steal clout.

Therefore, we combined all the celebrity TikToks that did not hit the mark, and made us feel that shudder that you get when your weird uncle is in town.

10. Cardi B

Yo, Cardi B promised us a TikTok rap battle…and this is what we get? A WRAP battle? That was more disappointing than Ciara’s last album.

9. Jimmy Fallon

Less cringy, more random. We love Jimmy Fallon, but this was not his best work.

8. David Dobrik

If you follow the vlog squad, you’ll know why this is cringy asf. This whole ‘girl best friend’ thing is bullsh*t. Mark our works: they’ll be engaged by Easter.

7. Lil Yachty

Clearly this was filmed on an iPhone 2 cos this ain’t it sis. Funny? No. Educational? Also No. Cringy? Yasschty.

6. JoJo Siwa

The cringiest part of this, is that JoJo Siwa is 16. Bye.

5. Emma Chamberlain

LOL, vegans be like.

4. Rita Ora

Unsure whether the cringiest part of this is the crab dress… or the fact that she’s TikTok-ing to her own music.

3. Jonathan Cheban

We literally have no idea what’s going on here. FoodGod, we love you, but this is TikTok, not Vine! (RIP.)

2. James Charles

Anyone else getting Tina Belcher twerking vibes? 

1. Jason Derulo

Lol, Jason DeROLLED his ankle and made a TikTok (clever). Hopefully he gets up and running soon so he can make something more… exciting. Preferably one where he ACTUALLY moves.