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Teens On TikTok Are Making Hilariously Dank Memes About ‘MasterChef Australia’

A new TikTok meme has taken over the app and it might be our favourite one yet.

Teens on TikTok are recreating their own title credits from MasterChef Australia, soundtracked by Katy Perry’s ‘Hot N Cold’, of course.

The meme was born when TikTok user @tattys_bros_tm first uploaded a parody of the show’s titles a few months back but has exploded in the past week with heaps of hilarious variations.

It’s just a wonderfully dank meme, with people taking the piss out of cooking shows by doing bizarre and nonsensical things with food. As someone who cannot cook to save my life, I relate to this very deeply.

These are some of our faves MasterChef memes from TikTok:













These TikToks give me actual life.