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You Can Now Use Tinder At Work (If My Boss Is Reading This, Just Kidding)

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We’ve all had those days. Dragged into another pointless meeting that could have been an email, your Fitbit yelling at you to stand up, your brain slowly turning to mashed potato, eyes glassed over, longing for a holiday you can’t afford.

But, that’s just adult life, baby! Plus it’s not all bad: if you’re in an office job and sit down typing away at your computer all day, chances are there’s a healthy dose of procrastination thrown in from time to time too.

And Tinder know all about that. If you’re single, on the apps, and say that you haven’t had a cheeky swipe through Tinder at work, you’re probably lying.

Not to get all unromantic on you, but dating is all about multi-tasking these days: you line up for your coffee, you reply to a match. You finish a Very Important Email and unwind by having a quick swipe. You log off for the day, catch the bus home, and exchange WhatsApp details with a Tinder match. You go home, watch TV, find a new husband by swiping right… you get the drill.

According to a Tinder spokesperson, a recent survey of dating app users revealed that 30 percent of users have swiped during meetings and almost half (47 percent) prefer to match and chat with others on company time, rather than their own. And a cheeky 32 percent have even met up with a match while working from home.

Which brings us to… Tinder’s Desk Mode

If you’re all about that multi-tasking life and looking to utilise your work time as efficiently as you can by, uh, lining up dates for later in the week, it’s time to activate your Desk Mode on Tinder!

Simply log into Tinder on your desktop and get swiping and/or reply to your matches. As someone who has potentially been using Desk Mode for some time, I can assure you it’s a great way to be able to shoot off a bunch of replies that you’re probably too tired to consider thinking about when you get home.

Scared of getting caught? If you’re like me and can’t lie, which results in you yelling out awkward truths when you’re caught doing something you shouldn’t, then my advice is to just blurt out in a frenzied fashion “Sorry I was on Tinder!” and people will probably be so awkward and confused, they’ll simply walk off.

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If you don’t want a bar of that conversation though, Tinder has incorporated an actual briefcase icon in the upper righthand corner of Desk Mode. When you click on it, it quickly takes you to a mock report on screen. I am not kidding.

Look at it:

tinder desk mode

I am truly obsessed, also I am going to start doing meeting notes on my dates.

tinder desk mode

I mean, it’s a bit harsh to judge someone on being lactose intolerant though. But happy swiping, friends!