splendour in the grass festival mode

PSA: You Can Now Swipe Your Way Through Splendour

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If you’re single and ready to mingle this Splendour, we have news for you: you can officially activate Tinder’s Festival Mode and get swiping for a chance to have a little Splendour lovin’.

According to a 2022 survey of single people aged between 18-39, 75% agree that connecting with someone online before meeting them in person would ease some of the pressure when it comes to making a good impression. And that’s where something like Festival Mode comes in!

If you head to Tinder, you can now switch to Festival Mode in your app and start swiping through other people going to the same music festivals as you — like Splendour. So if you’re a Type A personality like me, and like to be super organised about where you’re going, who you’re seeing, and who you may potentially be meeting, then Festival Mode is going to be a real good time for you!

How does Festival Mode work?

  • Head to Tinder Explore in your app and select Splendour.
  • Start swiping.
  • Match with other singles heading to the festival and start chatting and planning to meet up stage-left at The Strokes.
  • It’s that easy!
tinder festival mode

Life hack:

Did you know you can use Tinder on your desktop? Seriously. Now you can swipe away teeing up your festival romance and no one has to even know you’re not replying to their third ‘URGENT’ email of the day.

If my boss is reading this, just kidding, I would never.

Happy swiping friends and see you at Splendour!