5 Tried & Tested Tinder Opening Lines To Score You A Date For V-Day

Brought to you by Tinder

Tinder has teamed up with Australian Venue Co. to create Date to Donate, so you can help raise money for bushfire relief by simply going on a date this Valentine’s Day.

So, you matched with a real cutie on Tinder? Congrats! Now all you need to seal the deal is an opening line that’s witty, charming, funny, and spelled correctly.

Real talk: coming up with a good opening line can be tough. Anyone who’s ever gotten “hi” will agree that your opening line can be a deal-maker or breaker.

So, we asked five people about the best opening lines that have successfully scored them a first date with a Tinder match. And we want you to whip them out this week, because Tinder is matching cash-money spent on food and drinks (up to $100 per couple) at participating venues on V-Day with a donation to Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation. How good is that?!

The next time you pick up Tinder, why not drop one of these tried-and-tested openers in your convo with a new match? You can thank us later.

#1. Something so cheesy it just might work

“Hey [name]! I’ve been trying to come up with a funny ice-breaker, but the best I could do is this cheesy line: [insert row of cheese emoji]” – Krissi

If your match doesn’t laugh at this and immediately reply, then you don’t need their kind of negativity in your life.

Anyone who’s worthy of a date with you will love this opener hitting their inbox. It’ll also let them know that you’re funny – flex on them, sis!

#2. Give them options

“I have two stories I could tell you: the dog I just saw walking on its hind legs or the time I sang karaoke with The Veronicas – which one do you want to hear first?” – Jake

Look, I don’t want to hype this opener up too much, but Jake’s now married to the last girl he used this on.

The more creative your stories are, the better! It’s great because it gives your match a choice in what the conversation’s going to be about. They’ll also learn something interesting about you straight away, which is an added bonus.

#3. Ask the important questions

“Hey [name]! Okay, big question: what’s your fave bikkie?” – Alana

If you’re going to end up dating someone, you need to know early on whether they prefer a creamy chocolate-coconut combo (aka, they’re a saint) or some kind of mint chocolate concoction (a literal monster).

Don’t be shy to use this on people who aren’t from Australia, either. If your match can’t place your favourite biscuit, you’ve already got a great follow up: “We should meet up for a drink and I’ll bring a pack of ANZAC bikkies.”

Image: Yogas Design / Unsplash

#4. Write it in the stars

“What did your horoscope say today?” – Bridgette

Tired: listing your star sign in your profile.

Wired: interpreting your horoscope’s savage, horrifying, or downright confusing advice with a match.

As long as your horoscope isn’t predicting trouble in love for either of you, this opener is great because it means the two of you can try to unpack the bizarre messages together.

You know what they say: a couple who stays together when the zodiac comes for you can weather any storm.

#5. Is it a banger?

“How would you rate Holly Valance’s ‘Kiss Kiss’ out of 10?” – Jules

If the answer isn’t 12/10, what’s even the point of you guys dating? You need a life partner, someone who’ll sing karaoke with you and appreciate your road trip playlist – and if they don’t have a strong opinion on Holly Valance’s breakthrough single then, sis, they’re not it.

You can substitute it for any tune you like, but – scientifically speaking – you’ll get the best results from songs that came on So Fresh CDs in the 2000s. I don’t make the rules.

Give one of these opening lines a work out ahead of V-Day. Once you’ve scored a match, Tinder has your plans sorted: enter Date To Donate

Simply treat a Tinder match to a Valentine’s Day dinner or drink at one of the 15 participating Australian Venue Co. locations in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane and Tinder will match what you spend in a donation (up to $100 per couple) to Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation – an Indigenous led network which facilitates training to re-invigorate the use of cultural burning for fire and land management.

All you need to do is show the bar staff your Tinder profile to confirm that you’re out with a match and they’ll even throw in two free house welcome drinks (up to $25) on arrival. Some terms apply.

(Lead image: Meghan Schiereck / Unsplash)

Brought to you by Tinder

Tinder has teamed up with Australian Venue Co. to create Date to Donate, so you can help raise money for bushfire relief by simply going on a date this Valentine’s Day.