18 Hilarious Tinder Convos To Make You Forget You’re Single & Alone

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For any single person, swiping Tinder or Bumble is often something done casually. But during a pandemic, it’s become a daily habit as it’s the only way for singles to have any kind of dating life.

I don’t think I’ve ever spent more time on Tinder, which means I’ve had to endure a lot of sleazy, weird, and unintentionally hilarious messages from potential suitors.

It’s likely if you and your friends are single you have a group chat dedicated to showing each other Tinder convos and when it comes to amusing screenshots of this nature, there’s no better place to find a whole host of hilarious posts than on the r/Tinder page on Reddit.

The subreddit is filled with exchanges on Tinder from some seriously funny people and we’ve rounded up our favourite posts.

Here are 18 hilarious Tinder convos that are too funny:

#1. The only dick pic I will accept.


#2. If you have a non-sentient object as one of your profile pics, this is what you deserve.

#3. They walked right into this one.

#4. Tfw they put in absolutely zero effort.

#5. Which leads to this next perfect zinger.

#6. A compliment is a compliment.

#7. The more you know.

tinder worst fails funny reddit

#8. These two move fast.

#9. It’s important to be honest with your matches on Tinder but maybe not this honest.

#10. I’m honestly going to try this.

#11. This entire hypothetical conversation is perfection.

#12. Never type “69” into any Tinder conversation ever.

#13. This didn’t go as expected.

#14. This is pun-fection.

#15. A dad joke we can let slide this time.

#16. Well played, good sir.

#17. The typo to end all typos.

#18. This Tinder convo over the space of four years is the most relatable thing I’ve ever seen.

It’s all about the long game, baby.

Images via Reddit/Tinder.