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Tinder Is Finally Releasing ‘Swipe Night’ In Australia

If you’re sick of swiping left and bored in iso, this coming Saturday is about to get slightly more exciting: Tinder is launching its Swipe Night experience in Australia on Saturday morning.

For three weekends in September starting on the 12th at 10am sharp, Swipe Night will transport Tinder users from their homes to a new destination right inside of Tinder.

Swipe Night is a first-person, interactive event where Tinder members can swipe at key points in the virtual experience to move the story forward – kinda like a “choose your own adventure.” Your choice as you swipe will dictate more than just the story unfolding in front of you – it’ll impact who you match with and what you may be able to chat about once the journey finishes.

Following a group of friends during the final hours before an asteroid hits earth, the story of Swipe Night unfolds as you’ll be faced with making decisions about moral dilemmas and practical choices that will impact where the story takes you. The catch? You only have seven whole seconds to make each decision. Then each week, key choices are added to a Tinder member’s profile, so you’ll have plenty of material for icebreakers and banter that doesn’t revolve around “so, this whole coronavirus thing, huh?”

“When lockdowns began, we saw an immediate increase in our members’ engagement on Tinder, so we know we play an important role in their stay-at-home experience,” said Jim Lanzone, CEO of Tinder. “We believe Swipe Night can bring a welcome change of pace to our members around the world.”

So if you’re sick of asking your matches how they’re surviving lockdown, or if you’re equally sick of their response being “i’m so horny haha” then Swipe Night is about to give us something more to talk about. Thank God.