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NOOO! Tom & Abby From ‘Queer Eye’ Broke Up, So Love Is Obviously Cancelled

For those of us who have had our hearts melted by the new Queer Eye remake on Netflix, I’m sorry to report that Tom and Abby, our love birds from episode one, are no longer together. Love is cancelled.

Queer Eye is all about watching men help other men be less shit and making us cry with their wholesome journeys toward self-improvement. And episode one hooks you in with adorable, self-depreciating, shorts-wearing, king of the ‘redneck margarita’, Tom.

We. Love. Tom.

Tom you are a beautiful soul and you deserve lifelong happiness.

And who could forget, Tom’s not-so-secret pining for his most recent ex-wife, Abby.

Things were all on track after Tom invited Abby to the car show and she seemed to really get around his ‘new me’ make over. Plus Tom has some serious game!

Then to top things up, he asked her on a follow up date – a romantic dinner. It really felt like this one had a fairytale ending implied.

But unfortunately it looks like it’s time to nurse a broken heart because Tom and Abby are no longer together.

Tom tweeted the unhappy truth to ‘let the world know’, and also reaffirmed that she’s still the love of his life. Oh god.


To really pull at your heart strings some more, just a reminder that Tom pretty much only posted pics of Abby before and clearly he’s still insanely in love with her.

So there you go, life is the bad place and there is no hope left for any of us.

Image sources: Netflix

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