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Tommy Wiseau Tried To Claim James Franco’s Golden Globe ‘Cos Of Course He Did

While today’s Golden Globe Awards have been a powerful call for equality in Hollywood, they also provided an incredibly lol-worthy moment that the rest of the awards season will struggle to emulate.

For those familiar with Tommy Wiseau, you’d know his name is not exactly synonymous with critical acclaim. Regardless, the man somehow found himself on stage at the 2018 Golden Globes as James Franco collected the ‘Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical’ award for playing Wiseau in The Disaster Artist.

As Franco won the award, he invited Wiseau to join him.

“First person I have to thank is the man himself Tommy Wiseau. Come on up here Tommy.”

But Tommy took this as a chance for him to deliver his own speech and was quickly shut the F down, in a hilarious exchange that will likely live on forever in GIF. Check it 0ut:

This shit is iconic.

You can see Wiseau laughing it off, but he did give it a good try. Many viewers are actually kind of pissed with Franco for not letting Tommy speak. Who knows what he would have said?!

We’re dealing with the guy behind The Room: the most nonsensical and bonkers movie of all time. Unscripted Tommy could have given us the greatest moment of the entire awards season and James took that away from us. *Crosses fingers for the Oscars*


We can only imagine what Tommy could have said. Until then, you can watch James’ full speech below:

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