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Tommy Wiseau Has Thrown His Hat In The Ring To Direct The Next Star Wars Movie

Tommy Wiseau – the ‘Disaster Artist’ himself – has suggested that he should direct or star in the next Star Wars movie and well…. we would 100% watch.

Tommy is credited with writing and directing ‘The Room’, a film worshipped as being the ‘the worst movie of all time’. So he may not be the obvious choice to lead one of the world’s largest grossing franchises.

That being said, he’s masterfully unique approach to film has seen his work develop a cult following that’s been watched and celebrated by millions of people for 15 years. Maybe he’s not so different to George Lucas after all? Probs not tho,

While promoting the biographical film ‘The Disaster Artist’ which follows the making of The Room, Tommy took to Twitter for a fan Q&A. One fan put the question direct to Wiseau directly, kicking off the frenzy:

Tommy responded quickly – confirming he’d ‘absolutely’ love to be on board. However, directing may not fit his already busy schedule.

He even eagerly tagged #StarWars to ensure it was picked up by their marketing team and the Star Wars fans wouldn’t mind it either.

Further to that, he’s been independently responding to the official Star Wars twitter page:

Who knows… maybe a cameo could be on the cards?

Meanwhile, we’ll be gearing ourselves up for ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘ which hits cinemas tonight and so far, the critics are absolutely froffing on it.

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